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Misunderstanding on the speed of operation of CNC nesting machine

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The woodworking CNC nesting machine is the key composition of custom furniture production lines. How do you judge CNC nesting machine professionalism? I firmly believe that many people are concerned about the running rate of the CNC nesting machine. Do you think that its running rate is getting better, it is not.


The spindle speed ratio of the spindle bearing rotational speed of the custom CNC nesting machine refers to the rotational frequency of the spindle bearing of each point. At present, there are currently 20,000 / min and 24,000 / min, then the speed ratio is higher than that, the higher the speed ratio, the speed is immediately related. The higher the speed ratio of the same torque, the greater the output power. In turn, the higher the speed ratio, the smaller the torque of the same torque. This everyone is very easy to master.


To master the specific applications of custom CNC nesting machine, the speed ratio is related to the strength and viscosity of the cutting. For example, the larger the strength of the CNC nesting machine cut, the higher the speed ratio at the same torque, and the larger output power is larger. Similarly, the higher the viscosity of the CNC nesting machine cutting object, the higher the speed ratio, so the speed ratio is the professional ability of the cutting. Thus, when purchasing a CNC nesting machine. Many customers are scams with the spindle bearing bearing. I feel that in order to better cut the professional ability and the actual effect. Natural selection, the speed spindle bearing seems to be very effective, but ignores one key part, that is, the same output The higher the speed ratio of the servo motor, the lower the torque, and thus blindly follow the wind, the perfect spindle bearing is meaningless.


Furniture CNC nesting machine has a wind-cooled primary shaft bearing and a water-cooled hot spindle bearing, and they are distinguished in operational rates. In order to better ensure the use of servo motors, usually the wind-cooled bacheser bearings can be done. 20000 / minute, the water cooler spindle bearing can do 24000 / minute, this seems to be very good. Since the motor spindle of CNC nesting machine bearing must be exhausted, the higher the speed ratio, the larger the heat generated by the spindle bearing, and thus the carpenter is not used to be a perfect speed. Please be very good.


Not only the CNC nesting machine, the purchase of various machine equipment can not only see the rate, but also to grasp the content of the reliability, accuracy of the CNC nesting machine, various aspects, and the purchase Products of.


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