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Nesting CNC Router User Guide

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Nesting CNC routers are mainly used to produce cutting equipment for panel furniture. The main functions include automatic typography, engraving, automatic loading and unloading, alien cutting, vertical stamping technology and other processing technology.

What can nesting CNC routers do?

We all know that the woodworking nesting CNC router is a wood cutting machine. It can achieve embossing, flat engraving and machining effects of hollow engraving. And it has the advantage of rapid processing speed, high processing accuracy, and high processing efficiency.

Use other CNC equipment, you can automate design and production of plate furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets. In addition to the above processing functions, the nesting CNC routers are also popular in many other industries. Let us briefly understand other fields that the nested number control machine can be applied?

Advertising and gift production industries.

In this field, nesting CNC routers can shape a variety of two-color sheet logos, three-dimensional billboards, two-color graphic statues, embossed medals, organic board embossed, three-dimensional door inversion.

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Model manufacturing

For this model industry, this type of nesting CNC router can produce a table model, a housing model, and the like.

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Mold manufacturing industry.

This type of CNC machine can also make button embossed molds, print hot stamping molds, injection molds, stamping molds, shoe molds, etc.

Wooden product industry.

It can make the relief mode design and production.

Other industry

1. Magazine production, drilling and tank milling in the development of new printed circuit boards.

2.seal industry. It can seal various fonts and materials.

3. Electrode engraving in the EDM machine.

4. Mechanical processing industry, dials and ruling sizes.

5. Automobile industry. It mainly includes tire molds, automotive lamps and decorative mold processing.


Recommended machine type for common CNC routers


Multiple spindles nesting CNC router

This CNC furniture making machine has a double area, which means you can prepare more double material on the table. When this wood engraving machine is on the other side, you can load or uninstall on one side.



ATC nesting CNC for wooden furniture

This nested CNC machine is an important machine for a wooden furniture production line. Processing effects such as feeding, fixing, cutting, engraving, and unloading can be achieved. Therefore, it is the best choice for users making wooden furniture.



Automatic loading and unloading nesting CNC machine

This nested CNC router is mainly used for door, cabinet production. Automatic loading and unloading systems and labeling features not only save labor and time cost, but also make your woodwork more effectively.


7 factors affecting machining accuracy of nesting CNC machine

Scientific design

1. First, the premise of product performance is the scientific design of the professional team. The improvement of product performance is the scientific research and innovation of professional teams.

2. Second, each parameter of each nesting CNC router manufacturer is different, and the processing method is different. Therefore, the desired nesting CNC router machine may not be exactly the same, so scientific custom design is required.

3. The support of the professional team is the root causes of after-sales problems. And it is also the strength comparison of the first and second line CNC nesting machine manufacturers.

Nesting CNC machine configuration

1. This problem is similar to the relationship between computer hardware and computer games. Only graphics cards, memory, hard drives, etc. If the performance of each attachment reaches standards, you can drive a variety of games.

2. The same is true for furniture CNC routers, and the configuration of the product is the basis for product performance. In the comparison of the configuration of the CNC cutter, the authenticity of the configured configuration is required.

Mechanical structure

1. Starting from the selection material, special steels for nesting CNC routers are required. And the welding process requires professional welding operation to ensure the firmness of welding.

2. A positioning process can fundamentally ensure accurate and stability of the device. And there is no such process in a small manufacturer. The vibration aging treatment is then vibrated, which is rugged and durable and is not easily deformed.

The assembly process of the CNC nesting machine

Reasonable equipment assembly ensures stability and accuracy of the equipment. Over time, the process can not replace, so only professional and skilled CNC nesting machine assemblers can do this.

Product examination

After completing the assembly of each furniture CNC router, one of the key steps is the adjustment and quality check of the device. Before leaving the factory, each device must complete the adjustment of various data and parameters. Each requirement in the examination must meet the standard requirements. And customers should come to the factory to check the machine. The machine then can only be delivered to the customer after the machine is passed.

After-sales service of the machine

Any machine will inevitably have mechanical failures under the interference of many external and human factors, and it is especially important for timely after-sales treatment.

Maintain the nesting CNC machines

In different processing environments, nesting CNC routers will definitely be subject to various disturbances, such as magnetic fields, vibration, ambient temperature, and humidity, dust and other factors. These external influencing factors are different, and their effects are different.

The workshop of the furniture CNC router must be clean and tidy. It must be cleaned and tested before and afterwards to avoid dust falling on the electronic component, affecting the heat dissipation of the equipment and the sensitivity of the contactor. Regular maintenance is the necessary task of maintaining the performance of the nested number control machine.

How to choose a suitable nesting CNC router?

At present, furniture manufacturing solid wood furniture companies use CNC woodworking nested machines as their main processing equipment. As the demand of the CNC nesting router is increasing, do you know how to choose a nested CNC router that suits you?

First, you must know your needs. Furniture manufacturing is all packaged. It is divided into many categories of furniture. Before selecting a nested number of router machines, you should know your processing requirements. Then we can choose the right cutter according to your needs. For example, the furniture door panel needs to select a disc tool changer or a straight automatic tool. The door panel requires various cutters for processing, and the fast tool replacement needs to increase processing efficiency.

Second, we must choose a powerful manufacturer. Woodworking nested number-controlled router manufacturers have been developed as now, with relatively complete technologies. However, there are many small manufacturers lack forces. When you choose a nested CNC router manufacturer, we must shop if necessary and check on site. Of course, you must also consider after-sales service.

Finally, select a custom nested router. Many wood cutting machine manufacturers cannot create products according to their actual needs. Customer demand is diverse. It is difficult to meet different requirements, such as timber processing and engraving requirements. This requires you to choose from the manufacturer to customize your device. After understanding your specific needs, the manufacturer can establish the most suitable device according to it. The later treatment will definitely reach the multiplier effect.


The above is information about the CNC nesting machine we talk. Whether it is a furniture making machine or nesting CNC router, as well as the operation, purchase and maintenance of the CNC machine, this article helps you. In the next article, I will also recommend some popular nesting CNC routers for your reference. thanks for reading. If you would like more information about the cutting machine or other CNC machine related information, please leave us a message.

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