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Some Auxiliary Furniture Machine You Need In Furniture Production

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Polishing machine

The cabinet door panel should be polished to make the surface of the cabinet door smoother during processing. Polishing also helps the subsequent film pressing process.

The CNC machine used here is a CNC wood polishing machine. It is mainly used for fine and coarse sanding of wood and door panels, polishing and polishing of sides, anisotropic surfaces, planes and curved surfaces. This CNC wood polishing machine is an ideal equipment for anisotropic polishing of cabinet doors, cabinets and other furniture.

Vacuum press machine

This process is specially designed for the production of PVC film closet doors. As the name suggests, this process involves sticking PVC film to the cabinet door panel at high temperatures during the cabinet door manufacturing process. Cabinet doors have certain characteristics, such as fire resistance, water resistance and weather resistance. In addition, PVC film also has different colors and patterns, such as wood grain, stone grain, ice grain, orange peel grain and so on.

If you want to use vacuum press machine to produce cabinet doors, a vacuum press machine will also be used in the cabinet door manufacturing process. The vacuum press can three-dimensionally bond various PVC films to cabinet doors, cabinets, speakers, unpainted doors and other materials.

Drilling and grooving

According to specific production requirements, it may be necessary to drill holes and install hinges, screws, door handles, etc. on the cabinet doors. The cabinet CNC machines at this stage include CNC side drilling machine, hinge drilling machine, and sliding table saws, etc.

Side drilling machine

It is mainly used to drill holes in panel furniture or cabinet doors. The drilling machine can combine side holes/wood holes/blind holes/fixed grooves/straight grooves/four invisible parts into one.

Hinge drilling machine

There are two types of hinge drills, single-head hinge drills and double-head hinge drills. It is mainly used to drill holes in cabinet doors to install hinges. The drilling position can be adjusted longitudinally and horizontally, which can easily adapt to drilling requirements.


Sliding table saws

Table saws, also called precision saws, are mainly used for horizontal cutting and cutting at certain angles (22.5°, 45° and 90°). You can also create grooves in the panel.


The above steps for manufacturing cabinet doors are applicable to PVC film cabinet doors of universal design. For other types of cabinet doors, such as laminated or painted cabinet doors, the production steps and processes will be different.

There are many answers to the question of how to make a closet door. But for closet door manufacturers, to achieve mass production, closet door production solutions are undoubtedly the best choice.

The highly automated, high-precision and high-efficiency features of CNC machine have greatly improved the production efficiency of cabinet doors. At the same time, the cabinet door manufacturing production solutions increase output, improve product accuracy, and save labor and raw materials. In addition, the CNC router of the cabinet door production solution can be freely combined. One production line can execute multiple processes and customize cabinet doors to meet various customer requirements.

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