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The Suitable CNC Machine for Cutting Acrylic

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As a plastic polymer material, acrylic acid is now widely used in various industries in life and has a wide range of applications. People often use it to make advertising signs, light boxes, furniture decorations, shop windows, etc. Both cnc router machine and cnc laser machine can be used to cut acrylic. When choosing to buy, you need to understand the principle of the machine, its processing function, and the processing effect you want to choose. Next, we mainly introduce the working principle and processing characteristics of these two kinds of machines, hoping to help you choose the right machine.

CNC Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine & CNC Acrylic Engraving Machine

The same place: Both the laser acrylic cutting machine and CNC Router acrylic cutting machine are connected to the computer, and the cutting graphics are designed through the computer. The user uses the appropriate operating system software to design the pattern to be processed, and then import it into the machine through a certain path. After that, the machine will automatically complete the cutting. process. Both machines control the cutting process through a computer.

In contrast, the difference is that the cutting head of the laser cutting machine is a set of optical components. It uses the high energy of the laser to melt the material to complete the cutting or engraving of the material, and it does not directly contact the material. But the spindle of the CNC acrylic cutting machine is really in contact with the material, cutting and engraving on the surface of the acrylic material through the high-speed rotating cutting head.

The different working principles of laser cutting machine and CNC cutting machine:

----Laser acrylic cutting machine uses it to emit laser light and form a high-density laser beam through the optical system. When the laser beam irradiates the surface of the acrylic workpiece, the workpiece reaches its own melting point or boiling point. At the same time, the compressed air coexisting with the laser beam blows away the molten or vaporized acrylic material; in this way, as the laser beam continues to move, the engraving is finally completed, and the graphics to be cut will eventually appear on the acrylic material.

----CNC acrylic cutting machine relies on high-speed rotation of the cutting head driven by the motor spindle for processing. All the patterns you want to process can be completed by cutting and engraving acrylic materials fixed on the worktable. In addition, the cutting machine can also be equipped with different knives to realize engraving of various flat materials or 3D relief graphics, and the working process can be fully automated.

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Processing characteristics:

The laser acrylic cutting machine belongs to non-contact processing, so there is no need to worry about the movement of the workpiece, so there is no need to fix the workpiece. Non-contact processing can protect the surface of the material from scratches or deformation. In addition, by controlling the thickness of the laser beam, more precise and precise processing can be achieved. Therefore, it is suitable for cutting smaller acrylic plates, especially suitable for processing precision parts, and can meet customers' high-precision processing requirements.

CNC acrylic cutting machine, using woodworking machinery processing method, more powerful, suitable for large and rough processing. As it is in the process of processing, the spindle directly contacts the workpiece, so the workpiece needs to be fixed to prevent the workpiece from loosening and moving. It is suitable for processing thick acrylic plates. The advantage of this machine is that it can easily cut or engrave. Especially for customers who want to engrave acrylic relief and 3D sculptures, CNC acrylic cutting machine has more advantages.

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