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The development trend of woodworking ATC CNC Router

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Carpentry is now a very popular industry, and the woodworking ATC CNC router commonly used in the woodwork industry is also developing towards high speed, high precision and open CNC system. The development of woodworking ATC CNC router has made the processing enterprises develop rapidly, and the trend of the future is also the focus of the industry.

With the continuous improvement of the performance of woodworking ATC CNC router, the current engraving machine's empty running speed can reach more than 100m/min, and the high speed woodworking ATC CNC router speeds up to 80 m /min. With the continuous development of sensor technology and servo control technology, under the control of the CNC system, the precise motion of the machine tool has entered the sub micron stage, and the ultra precision machining can carry out the precise motion of the nanometer level. The woodworking ATC CNC router can tell the input data, and can also calculate the displacement of the servo mechanism, and the servo motor also responds at high speed.

CNC programming technology has entered a new stage of development, woodworking ATC CNC router programming has been from the traditional offline to the current online programming, the modern woodworking ATC CNC router has a very strong operation and storage function, completed by computer, manual and programming machine, and then input into the equipment. Before the programming system can only deal with geometric information, to the new stage that the geometric information and process information can be processed at the same time, the programming function is constantly enhanced. The woodworking CNC router can not only carry out the fixed cycle, the graphic cycle and the circular cutting, but also the design function of the subroutine and the macro program design. Function and so on.

The mechanical structure of the carving machine develops towards flexibility and automation. The machine structure of woodworking ATC CNC router is constantly changing to the direction of flexibility and automation. Now more and more use is Mechatronics structure, which can not only reduce the area, but also reduce the area. Automatic switching tools improve the degree of automation to a great extent. The good mechanical and electrical matching of the woodworking ATC CNC Router Machine Tool host and the servo system also improves the dynamics of the CNC machine tools.

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