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The harm of plasma cutting machine to human body

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Plasma cutting machine will produce metal dust, particles, arc, high frequency radiation and other pollution, which will cause some influence on the operators and the surrounding people. Therefore, some protective measures are recommended to minimize the harm to human health.

1. The protection methods of arc radiation:

Arc radiation is mainly infrared radiation and visible radiation. The operator should protect the naked skin, wear masks and gloves, and pay attention to the protection of the neck. The mask is the best lens to avoid the damage to the eye. It is possible to use the underwater cutting method, use water to absorb light radiation, and can also absorb metal dust.

2. The protection methods of metal dust particles:

The metal dust produced by the plasma cutting machine has very serious damage to the human body. It is better to cut in the open space and have the corresponding ventilation equipment. A wind exhaust device can also be arranged below the cutting platform, and a professional dust removal and purification device can also be used above the plasma cutting machine.  Finally, underwater cutting can also be used to reduce smoke and dust.

3, the protection method of electromagnetic field:

High frequency electromagnetic (HF) is harmful to the human body. The frequency of plasma arc ignition is suitable for 20 to 60Hz, and the high frequency oscillator should be equipped with shield shield. When the main arc is ignited when the main arc is ignited, the high frequency oscillator should be cut off. The time should be shortened as far as possible with the high frequency spark.

4. Prevention of electric shock:

There is a danger of electric shock when the cutter is operated manually. Therefore, the plasma power supply must ensure the correct grounding, and the cutting gun and the touch part must be reliably insulated. There should be no exposed wires and switches on the outside to avoid direct contact with any circuits and components.

5. The method of protecting the noise:

Plasma cutting machine in the cutting process will produce very large noise, so try to use automatic cutting and operator and equipment slightly distant. Using underwater or water curtain cutting method can absorb most of the noise, and the users can use it.

There are many inhalable substances, such as manganese oxide, six valence chromium, and oxides of potassium and sodium, which can cause great damage to the human body when inhaled.

The chances of chronic bronchitis, such as chronic bronchitis, are significantly higher than those of other people, and the inhalable substances will accumulate in the bones and blood of the human body, resulting in a decline in the ability to work, especially in recent years, with many chemical components such as Cr, Mn, and Ni. The use of cutting materials makes the impact of cutting dust on the health of personnel more and more serious.

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