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The working principle and application of 3D laser marking machine

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Working principle:

   High-energy density lasers are used to locally illuminate the workpiece to evaporate surface materials or produce chemical reactions, thereby changing the color and leaving permanent marks. Laser marking can mark various words, symbols and patterns, and even laser marking. The laser beam used in laser marking is generated by a laser. After a series of light transmission and processing, the laser beam is finally focused on the optical lens, and then focused on the high-energy focus. The beam is deflected in the laser beam. Traditional 2D laser marking uses a rear focus mode, which can only be completed within a specified range, while 3D laser marking machines first use advanced detection methods to form permanent protrusions. Use this light principle as the working principle of the candle image. Through software control and dynamic focus lens movement, more dynamic focus can be obtained. Focus the laser on the beam expander and change the focus of the laser beam to achieve different purposes. Precision surface focusing for machining.

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Application areas:

Large sculpture

   The 3D brand adopts a pre-focused optical mode, and uses larger X and Y-axis deflection mirrors, which can enlarge the laser spot, have better focusing accuracy and better energy effect; if the 3D mark is at the same focus, it is used as 2D The precision of marking is higher, and the marking range can be higher.

   As long as the shape of the part is set in advance, you can simply change the settings to match the focal length, mark position, and shape change of different product positions without moving the part. . Work several times or finish laser marking.

Deep engraving

  It is more difficult to mark a deeper mark on the surface of the material. Because in the engraving process, the instability of laser energy will affect the effect and efficiency of deep engraving. The traditional deep carving method is the electric method in the carving process. Move the lifting platform to a certain height at any time to ensure that the laser surface is in focus. Deep 3D marking processing, ideal effect, high efficiency, can reduce the cost of electric lifting platform.

High and low sculpture

   In today's traditional 2D marking mode, parts must be placed on the same plane, and the process surface must be on the same plane to perform forming marking. The function of 3D laser marking machine can be used to realize the unique forming of parts. Even on a steep slope, the consistency of the processing can be maintained so that the processed content is not distorted and does not form color aberration. It greatly facilitates the engraving of the three-dimensional structure of the workpiece, reduces the process and improves the marking efficiency.

Engraved on any surface

   Since 3D marking can quickly change the focal length and position of the laser beam, it can mark surfaces that were previously impossible to achieve in 2D. After using 3D, the operation of marking the cylinder as a certain arc can be completed at one time, thereby greatly improving the processing efficiency.

Color embossed stamp

   Black and white or even color marks can be obtained on the same plane with richer effects. In order to blacken the surface of general metals such as anodized aluminum, high frequency pulses are usually used to mark the state with sufficient energy and some haze. The blur distance greatly affects the energy distribution and color effect of the laser on the surface of the material. For general 2D marking users, even if there is no surface marking or image processing, for the 3D marking function, three-color multi-color flat processing is also very important. Other advanced features.

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