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Use Stone CNC Router to Create Amazing Works of Art

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For centuries, the natural beauty of stone has made it a popular choice for residential and architectural projects. Since he discovered that he can shape art through percussion instruments, humans have been creating art with stones. However, due to the use of CNC machining, this popular size building material has now become the product of many homeowners and commercial construction projects. Today, you can see beautifully crafted stone, from home decoration to office interior design, kitchen counters with showers, floors and inlays everywhere.

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Stone CNC router, like other CNC machines, is easy to operate, easy to process and cut, and can engrave all kinds of hard materials, such as wood, composite materials, aluminum, steel and marble, artificial stone, etc. The design of architectural elements or recreational work is no longer limited to the work of masons or craftsmen. Stone CNC router can provide the same illustrations and functions. Although jade or aluminum can be heavy, stone CNC router can also adopt complex designs of their choice. Many people may wonder how the machine tool etches artistic designs and panels into deep-rooted stone textures. But with the advanced technology of CNC machine, this is possible.

iGOLDEN is a professional manufacturer and exporter of stone CNC router, providing various CNC cutting machines. These tools include tools for cutting composite materials, metals, stone and other materials. We also provide stone laser engraving equipment for stone processing.


As you can see, these designs are superb works of CNC routers.

iGOLDEN designed a stone CNC router for stone processing, which can cut, engrave and drill on marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx, talc, slate, quartzite, etc. These processed and carved stones are suitable for desks in fireplaces, counters, sinks, kitchens, bathrooms, residences, hotels, office buildings, etc.


Similar to the picture above, you can also use a CNC machine to render the artwork on the carved stone. Create a timeless, dynamic and practical art form for the interior and exterior in the middle of the stone.

The sturdy structure and frame of stone CNC router provide excellent precision when machining aluminum and composite materials. It provides a high-performance design that can realize CNC control motion faster. Machining aluminum with a stone CNC router is completely feasible. By choosing wisely the tools and cutting parameters, you can adjust the machine's functions according to the material speed requirements.

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