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What are the benefits of 4 process CNC machine?

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The 4 process CNC machine is an economical and versatile CNC machine tool. It is equipped with four spindles, of which two high-power spindles are usually imported from Italy, dedicated to slotting and blanking, and the other two ordinary low-power spindles are dedicated to stamping. This matching method can well realize the stamping requirements of different sizes in the production of panel furniture. In addition, the 4 process CNC machine is very suitable for processing cabinet doors, because its four spindles can be used to make the shape of the door. Although equipped with four spindles, different machining needs can be achieved by equipping the spindle with multiple tools. When you need less than four tools for processing a certain material, or when you need more than four tools, the machine can achieve. In particular, if one of the spindles is damaged and cannot be used during use, the other spindles can still work without stopping, ensuring the efficiency of work. Therefore, the machine is very cost-effective.

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The main advantages of the 4 process CNC machine:

1. It can realize automatic tool change function, which is comparable to ATC CNC machine. The machine can automatically execute processing requirements through programming settings without excessive manual intervention. And multiple spindles can work at the same time, which improves the processing efficiency.

2. Vacuum work surface. This kind of 4 process CNC machine is usually equipped with a full-absorption vacuum table (which can be selected and customized according to your requirements). The vacuum pump can strongly absorb processing objects of different sizes and materials, which greatly improves work efficiency and safety.

3. The body is stable. The overall frame adopts a giant gantry type, and has been tempered at high temperature, with small deformation, good rigidity, high strength, very strong and high durability.

4. 4 process CNC machine Equipped with imported servo motors, high-precision gears and imported rack drives to ensure the smooth operation of the machine, with low noise, high speed and high positioning accuracy.

5. In order to ensure that there is no dust during the processing and to ensure a clean operating environment, we generally use a powerful vacuum system.

6. Intelligent oil injection system. It can automatically inject oil according to the set time to ensure the lubrication of the lead screw guide and extend the service life of the machine.

7. Intelligent control system, humanized control interface design, operators only need simple training to operate independently.

8. With breakpoint memory function, that is, if there is a power failure during processing, after power is turned on, the 4 process CNC machine will continue the previous operation, continuous engraving, and more intelligent.

Applicable industries: The 4 process engraving machine can complete a variety of functional processing, such as chamfering, punching and carving in panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes, office furniture, private custom furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, tables and chairs, etc. If you are interested in such machines, please feel free to contact us.

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