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What is a CNC Router?

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The need of the hour is to change! The rapid advancements in technology have impacted various industries. One such industry is the woodworking industry. The introduction of computer numerical control (CNC) has elevated the level of speed and production.

Besides, the incorporation of computer numerical control (CNC) has provided a variety of new machinery to a woodworker. Thus, making it a lot easier to complete a process in two days, which once took two weeks. Perhaps, it would be fitting to say that CNC has come out of the shadow to be the guardian angel of a woodworker.

Nevertheless, out of so many popular CNC equipment, there is a machine which is being popularly used in this form of machining. And, that is a CNC router.

Though very similar to a commonly used handheld router, a CNC router needs to be fed with computer numerical control so that it can route the connected tools to their respective paths, hence, enabling the functioning of the machine.

Unlike hand routers, CNC routers are famous for their efficiency in increasing productivity and reducing waste. The fact that they produce different kinds of woodwork in less time than that of the other hand used machines makes them a product which remains in a lot of demand in the woodworking market. Given its proficiency, it can cut materials like wood, steel, composites, aluminum, foam, and plastic.

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