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What is the Best Solution for Staircase Making?

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The stairs have a central column or support column called newel. The column supports the handrail. Where the stairs go straight, newel is the main pillar at the bottom of the stairs. The other uprights (called handrails) between the base and the platform make the handrails well supported in the structure and decoration. Sometimes the newel in the middle position is also used for the landing site. At the top of the stairs, the pillars are used as decorative features instead of structural pieces. In the image below, you can easily understand the concept of new types and railings due to the shape and function.

The old hand-carved guillotines and railings are tedious and time-consuming. It is important that two newels/rails cannot be the same. When designing a wood CNC machine, the idea of using the milling machine as a stair production machine was obvious.

3D CNC router

On a traditional 3 axis cutting machine, the rotating device is used as the 4 axis. The 3D CNC router can produce new columns in the park. The finished bolt has fine grooves and precise spiral symmetry.

3D CNC router can be used for production

•Stair materials, such as pillars, handrails, handrails, handrails

•The outline of the Buddha statue, the outline of the Buddha statue

•Cabinet furniture and feet

•Kitchen island legs, table legs, chairs and sofa legs

•Support, duck feet, baseball bats


CNC Turing Lathe Machine

CNC lathe machine the biggest advantage is that it can be accurately replicated in the production of new railings (vertical handrails). Two rails are required on each side of each tread. The second railing has an extra height. The railing has upper and lower decorative elements. The design aligns the lower decorative element with the next higher tread.

The frame is made of tubular steel with reinforcing ribs, which gives the machine a solid quality. The beam components are strong and durable, can be cut precisely, and look great. There are 12 types of pins that can be used for various materials, such as MDF (medium density fiberboard is an engineered wood product), solid wood, plastic, and acrylic. The rotating device can handle irregular objects and different columns. The brushless digital servo motors on all axes are maintenance-free and provide unparalleled wiring flexibility.


ATC CNC router

This ATC CNC machine with automatic tool change and rotary device has a maximum diameter of 200 mm at the rotation device. This is ideal for creating new columns and railings. The important thing is that it can be copied immediately and accurately. This multifunctional CNC engraving machine is very suitable for producing stairs.


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