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What should be paid attention to in the use of woodworking engraving machine

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The use of woodworking engraving machine has become more and more extensive, a good engraving machine not only let us save effort, but also improve.

Our efficiency, a good equipment not only to pass the quality, in the daily use of We also have to note.

Some things, so that you can better play with its performance.

First, we must give the machine a stable power supply source, if the voltage is unstable, up and down, it is easy to give.

The electrical parts of the machine cause damage, thus reducing the service life of the machine.

Second, the Machine Guide rail slider lubrication must be done well, in the machine work in the slider and screw workload is.


The largest is also the wearing parts, good timing oil injection is helpful to the normal operation of the machine.

Third, the main shaft of cooling water must ensure that the cycle is normal, (excluding the air-cooled spindle) because the spindle in the work.

Is high-speed operation state, internal high-speed bearings are easy to heat, if there is no water cooling is easy due to the high temperature.


The bearing is jammed (held to death).

Iv. the choice of engraving speed must be in a moderate range, long-term high-speed overload operations will cause.


Damage to various parts of the machine, such as drive motors, spindle motors.

Five, clamping and engraving tools must be the spindle nut inside the dust clean up, the knife clip into the nut.

, when the main shaft to rotate the nut need to be flattened, put the tool into the knife clip, and finally with a wrench Lock tight.

If the cutter is not fixed or the upper offset light will cause the workpiece carving dislocation, tool damage, which can even cause bodily harm to staff.

Six, in order to ensure that the tool is not easy to lose, do carving path when recommended layered production, to avoid a one-time knife after further study.


If the tool is damaged, the spindle will also cause damage due to overload operation.


Seven, the machine work during the prohibition of cutting off the woodworking engraving machine power supply, so as not to cause unnecessary damage to the machine.

Eight, before clamping the workpiece must be the woodworking engraving machine platform surface clean up, dust and debris removal,

Calculate the position of the cutter pass, secure the workpiece for four weeks with a press feeder to avoid the reinforcement of the into material displacement.

Also avoid the tool touching the feeder because the cutter position exceeds the reinforcement position, resulting in the tool Damage.

Nine, every day after the end of the work of the woodworking engraving machine for a clean-up, especially the Guide rail slider, screw parts , blow the surface dust with an air gun, and then wipe it with mechanical lubricant.

When the machine is cleaned, the machines The shaft stops in the right position, and then the woodworking engraving machine power is cut off.

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