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Where Is The Advantage Of The Stone Cutting Machine

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What is a Stone Engraving Machine?

stone cutting machine is a numerically controlled machine controlled by computer. It is mainly used for carving, embossing, cutting and polishing all kinds of stone materials.

stone cutting machine is a high precision equipment for lettering words or make drawings on marble granite and other stone materials. Just like a engine on the car, Spindle is the most important part for stone engraving machine. A good quality stone engraving machine requires a high efficiency, stable and reliable spindle. Nowadays, stone cutting machine play a more and more important role on our life, the stone engravingbusiness is increasing day by day. So we can see stone cutting machine will getting more and more automation in the coming future. We have a advanced 3d statue engraving machine, it’s more suitable for carving a 3d stone materials. We using high quality spare parts on this stone cutting machine, we use good quality parts like bearings, motors, pump, press parts, and other electric parts on the machine. Stone engraving machine is widely used in stone lettering, house decoration, tombstone industry etc. The table size of stone cutting machine is normally fixed with 3200*2000mm while the table size of stone engraving can be customized. The table size could be 1300*1800mm or 1800*2500mm, 3000*2000mm or other size.

stone cutting machine

Features of stone cutting machine:

1. Steel tube lathe bed,low center of gravity,strong bearing capacity,not easy to deformation,stable and reliable operation.

2. Adopt Ncstudio control system ,through computer operation,easy and simple to operate.DSP handle offline control is optional.

3. Adopt Taiwan linear guide rail. the bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, the long time use precision is high.

4.German double nut automatically disappear gap ball screw.

5.Break point and break knife continue engraving function, can engrave at any place as you like.

6.Strong compatibility: compatible various CAD/CAM software like Type3/artcam/castmate/proe/Corelerow/Wentai.

7.Adopt High power frequency changing water cooled spindle,providing excellent cooling effect when carving flinty materials,effectively protect spindle when continuous working for a long time.

8.Axis Y with two spindles,guarantee the cutting strength and engraving precision


Marble, granite, China black, bluestone, jade, ceramic, crystal, glass, plastic, plexiglass, PVC board, bamboo, aluminum panels, metal etc. material.

Applicable industry:

Stone, tombstone processing, advertising, decoration, crafts etc. 2D,3D carving, three-dimensional relief, cutting, drilling, industries.

Whlch  problem does it solve for the stone fabricator?

Whether you work on benchtops or tombstones this CNC fabrication equipment represents the “smoothest” way to go from a manual to an automated machining, thanks to:

its accessible price

its pre-installed macros of the native software, that facilitate the “transition” for those used to work manually

its reduced footprint, suitable also for small-medium workshops


Working area 1300*2500*500mm
Spindle HQD 3/4.5/5.5/7.5KW water cooling spindle
Inverter Fuling
Motor Stepper motors
Driver Stepper driver 860H
Control System Nc studio control system
Table Aluminum table with water tank
Oil lubrication With
Limit Omron limit
Transmission XY axis helical rack Z axis Taiwan ball screw 
Rail X, Y, Z axis Taiwan HIWIN Square guide rail
Screw Z axis TBI ball screw
Bed Thick steel welded structure
Voltage 3 phase/380V

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