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Which Motor to Choose When Buy CNC Router? Stepper or Servo?

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When you search for this answer, there are many pages on Google that can provide you with a lot of data and official explanations of terms such as stepper motors, servo motors, torque, terms, etc. Although there are so many professional explanations, for unprofessional people, they still don't know which CNC router configuration is the best choice.

I think there must be a way to tell users how to choose, and this method should enable users to better understand and consider user interests.

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Everyone will consider the wood carving machine cost.

If only this is considered, the stepper motor is the winner, and its cost is lower than the servo motor of the same rated power.

Servo motors are expensive, especially those made in Japan and Germany. The servo motors we use are made in Japan, which are more expensive than stepper motors made in China.The stepper motor company we use also cooperates with a German manufacturer.

Speed and Torque

Servos is very suitable for applications requiring speeds higher than 2000 RPM, and applications with high torque or high dynamic response at high speeds.

Stepper motors excel at speeds below 2000 RPM, low to medium acceleration, and high holding torque.


Due to the structure and operation of stepper motors, they have very good repeatability and do not actually need to be adjusted.

If the wood carving machine configuration is correct, the servo motor will have very good repeatability.

The quality of the encoder also affects repeatability. Therefore, if you need high-precision work, we recommend that you buy servo motors and inverters.


The servo motor is very efficient. Under low load conditions, the efficiency can reach 80-90%.

Stepper motors consume a lot of energy to generate energy, many of which are converted into heat. The efficiency of a stepper motor is usually about 70%.

This is also a great feature to help you decide which one to choose.

Minimum Heat Output

Since the current consumption of a servo motor is proportional to the applied load, it generates very low heat compared to a stepping motor. Regardless of the load, stepper motors will consume too much current.


The noise generated by the servo motor is very low. Due to the inspection process, the stepper motor will produce a slight buzzing sound.

I think the above functions can guide you to determine which motor is the best.

Well, the debate about which is the better choice (stepper or server) is meaningless, because which one to choose depends on the client's budget and the work that the cnc router will do.


Therefore, click "CNC Router" to select the machine you are interested in. Just tell the sales engineer your budget and work done, and then let them help you set up the CNC router correctly.

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