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Why use CAD/CAM nesting software?

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Nowadays, more and more CNC machine are used in the production of furniture, and in many cases batch processing is required. Customers need you to do a small amount of work and complete the work within a tight deadline, but resources are limited. The high requirements of the past have now become standard requirements.

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What can you do to meet the strict needs of your customers?


Installing CAD/CAM nesting software on the furniture making machine can save a lot of time.

Methods as below:

Reduce the amount of materials you use

Modern nesting software equipped with furniture making machine can increase output. You can create a layout that allows rooms to use common boundaries.

This can reduce cutting time, waste, gas and sometimes consumables. You can also use nesting software to manage part data, even if you don't have an experienced operator, it can help you save thousands of dollars every year.

Increase productivity

The CAD/CAM nesting software uses the latest algorithms to optimize the cutting path, increase the output of furniture making machine, reduce cutting time and improve part quality. Combined, they can greatly improve your production efficiency.

Automate other manual processes

The CAD/CAM nesting software has been fully integrated into your ERP system. In this way, they can save you extra physical labor.

For example, you can automate work orders and track inventory. Increased production capacity and even reduced the personnel required to support it.

Effectively manage your manufacturing process

For example, suppose you get the design files for the entire assembly from the customer. Your CAD/CAM software can separate all individual parts, determine the most efficient method of manufacturing each part, and create codes to cut every part of all furniture making machine. Then the furniture making machine began to organize work. Here, efficiency and savings come in handy. The software is very efficient, it may take several hours to perform the same operation before. Now the furniture CNC machine can complete a week of manufacturing automation in a few minutes


How does this level of efficiency affect your CNC machine?

The smartest businessmen do not just use technology, because it is new technology. They use it strategically to improve operations.

Does CAM/CAD nesting software make sense for your business? Only you can decide. Now you will have the benefits you need to make an informed decision.

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