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Best 4 axis cnc router High-power spindle

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What is the 4 axis CNC router? In a broad sense, a 4 Axis CNC Router machine refers to a CNC machine whose processing path include X, Y, Z, and A axis. And we are going to talk about a 4 axis machine whose spindle can swing left and right. Because the spindle of this type of CNC can swing left and right, the spindle can approach the work piece from multiple different angles and efficiently process three effective processing surfaces. This 4 axis cnc router  can realize not only the plane engraving, but also the 3d carving of irregular work pieces. And this type of  4 axis cnc router  is suitable for common work piece, three-dimensional work piece, complex work piece and irregular graphics processing. In addition, this type of CNC engraving machine makes full use of the geometric configuration of the tool, controls the angle of the force, reduces the vibration of the force, prolongs the life of the tool, enhances the stability of the processing, and improves the processing accuracy. With the advantages of complete functions, wide processing range and high processing accuracy, more and more users choose the 4 axis machines for 3D Wood Carving. If you have similar three-dimensional work pieces, this  4 axis cnc router  will be your ideal choice.


1. 4.5KW spindle, Change tools automatically. With Carrousel tool magazine

2. Thick steel pipe structure, after special treatment, well welded, no distortion for whole structure high precision, and long life time.

3. SYNTEC 6MB controller system with Ethernet interface, working without connecting with computer during working and easy to control.

4. Software: CAD/CAM designing software such as Original type3, Artcam

5. Auto lubrication system, easy to operate by pressing one key.

6. Separated big control cabinet makes operation easily.

7 Perfect design, top quality accessories, to minimize the machine’s failure rate.


Sliding unit

X axis High intensity Chromeplate shaft

Y axis High intensity Chromeplate shaft

Z axis High intensity Chromeplate shaft

Stepping motor 57 two-phase 3A

Spindle motor

1,The spindle motor must connect with the VFD.

2,It cannot directly connect with the supply voltage (AC220V)

3,Please don’t change the data setting of the VFD if you are not professional technicians, or it might damage the spindle motor.

The Parameter

Working area

3000*1200*800mm(Double table movement, single table optional)

X axis

Taiwan grinding rack

YZ axis

Taiwan TBI screw

Three axis

30 Taiwan rail + flange slider

Tool magazine

10 tool changers (optional manual tool change spindle)


HQD 9KW tool change spindle


Taiwan system


Japanese servo motor




Heavy-Duty Gantry Makes The 4 Axis Wood Carving Machine Stronger

The chassis and gantry of the best  4 axis cnc router are welded from heavy-duty tubular steel, and the entire length of the gantry column is additionally welded with ribs. And it makes the gantry of 4 axis CNC router engraver more stable. The high-quality welding process enables the 4 axis CNC engraving machine to achieve a precise cutting process while ensuring a longer service life.


The Function Of Rotary CNC Milling Machine Is Powerful

The best 4 axis CNC router kit is composed of the world-famous CNC suite. The rotation axis can rotate 360 degrees. The A axis makes the 4 axis CNC router wood not only used for wood carving, cabinet making, but also processing 3D, 4D and other complex wood materials. Three axes of best 4 axis CNC mill can work simultaneously. This includes two cases. The first case is X axis (crossbeam), Y axis (table), Z axis (engraving spindle) and the other case is X axis (crossbeam), Z axis (engraving spindle), A axis (rotation axis). What you must pay attention to is the tabletop Y and the rotation axis A cannot be moved at the same time.


Widely Used Of CNC Rotary Table For Milling Machine

Whether you are a personal enthusiast or a small or medium-sized enterprise, the rotary engraving with my CNC router are more widely used. Many customers use 4 axis wood CNC router to process three-dimensional crafts such as dragon pillars, Buddha statues, and gourds. This is entirely possible. What's more, 1530 CNC router 4 axis can also assist processing for computer desks and panel furniture. One CNC engraving rotating rotary axis can realize both plane engraving and 3D engraving. The 4 axis rotary CNC router price is affordable and you are worth buying it.


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