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Cheap CNC Milling Machine For Hot Sale

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The best CNC Milling Machine can provide industrial-style machining on a smaller scale for use at home or at a workshop. Although often not on the economical side, these machines have great capabilities that simply can’t be replicated with other simpler, cheaper tools. Whether for a freelance technician, home or interior designer, DIY aficionado, or even artist, a mini milling machine can prove invaluable for your projects, and could even save you a lot of time and money in the long run.CNC milling machine Price:12500-15500

 CNC Milling Machine

Features of CNC Milling Machine:

1). Syntec 5 axis controlling system from Taiwan,steady performance, powerful function, easy operation.High precision, powerful,and fast speed advanced CNC processing system.   

2). Well-designed whole cast steel lathe bed, well welded, no distortion for whole structure.    

3). Movable table structure, working more steadily than that with moving gantry, especially while engraving waved plate.

4).Japan YASKAWA Servo motor . It can control working speed and improves  both processing quality and efficiency.   

3. Five-axis linkage is suitable for small and medium size complete three dimensional surfac


4.Diversity control can separately control the processing speed,idling speed ,cutting speed,greatly improve the quality of processed product and processing efficiency.

CNC Milling Machine Applications:

 1. Wood working : 

wooden door and furniture decoration industry: the cnc machine is mostly used in this industry. wood door, cupboard door, wood furniture patterns carving and engraving etc. 

wood craft industry: clock frame, picture frame, jewelry box, music box etc.

Electric industry: pcb cutting and engraving, model engraving and cutting etc.

2. Metal, copper,iron, aluminium, steel, stainless stee...2D/3Dengraving, thin metal cutting.

3. Relief sculpture and 3D engraving. Cylindrical object.  Furniture  legs ,column and railings etc.

The  Alpha Series CNC Router utilizes brushless microstepper motors. These motors require no regular maintenance - therefore, reducing any maintenance downtime!

Automatic tool calibration pad allows for easy and accurate "Z" zero position for single and multiple tool changes through the program.

Parameter Configuration



Working area



Germany ball screw

Table structure

T Slot

Spindle power


Spindle speed


Travelling speed


Working speed


Working Delicacy


Driving Moto

Leadshine servo motor


NK280 control system

Command Code

G Code*.u00*.mmg*.plt




Artcam/Type3,other CAD/CAM

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