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China CNC Kitchen Cabinet Making Machine For Wood Panels

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The kitchen cabinet making machine are all steel constructed, ensuring clean cuts in your laminated plywood, melamine, MDF, and hardwoods   Precision helical rack and pinion drives provide accurate, repeatable, high speed cutting capability superior to that of typical ball screw or straight rack and pinion drives.  The Venture Cabinet Nesting Series routers are equipped with digital high speed AC servo motors and an industrial level Osai controller.  The automatic tool changer is a 12 HP HSD brand, air cooled, quiet operation, variable speed spindle with an 8 station rotary carousel attached to the x-axis beam.  Tool changes are quick and easy and the machine bed is unobstructed from the front and back making it suitable for automatic loading and unloading options.  The kitchen cabinet making machine have a permanent, heavy duty phenolic vacuum pod table, making it the most reliable and versatile platform for vacuum hold down, and making these models the perfect CNC routers for your cabinet making business.  igoldencnc uses Becker vacuum pumps as standard on its 4×8 and 5×10 sizes.

Feartures of kitchen cabinet making machine:

A.The machine used for panel furniture and board cabinet processing ,widely used in cutting ,drilling ,sloting ,milling etc .

B. Heavy stell structure body to keep machine strong for heavy cutting working .

C.Automatic oil lubrication system to keep machine long time working and using life .

D.Machine have self-protect design ,Only cycline closer the machine can working .

Advantages of the kitchen cabinet making machine

Reduce wasted work

The more waste that accumulates on your work floor, the more losses you will cause from wasted supplies. Since standard milling machines lack the precise control corresponding to CNC milling machines, errors in the workpiece are always a threat. Thanks to the computer operation, the CNC milling machine eliminated wasteful work caused by human error and produced thousands of identical parts without producing a single scrap.

Larger cutting range

For standard router planers, producing large products (such as stair risers) can be a challenge, especially in terms of accuracy. On the other hand, large CNC milling machines can easily produce such workpieces. If your woodworker moves in the direction of mass-produced parts with small errors, CNC wood milling machines are preferred.

Perfect repeatability

A CNC router controlled by a computer can produce hundreds of identical parts. For companies that value quality assurance, this aspect of CNC wiring is invaluable.

Easy to operate

Since standard routing involves physical operations that directly affect product quality and worker safety, standard routing requires extensive experience in addition to training. In contrast, the operation of a computer-controlled router is mainly based on computer training. This allows operators to gain expertise within a few months.

Increase production capacity

By producing a small amount of waste and operating with top-notch efficiency, industrial CNC milling machines can revolutionize production capacity. Compared to adding a standard router and hiring a technician to operate it, adding an industrial CNC router with a large cutting table can be extremely cost-effective.

kitchen cabinet making machine Application

The kitchen cabinet making machine is mainly used on material of MDF, blockboard, solid wood board, particleboard, plywood, etc and can be used for panel furniture production, such as cabinet doors, solid wood doors, craft wooden doors, paint-free doors, craft window, panel furniture, etc.

Equipped with powerful ATC (automatic tool change) spindle and linear type ATC tool magazine with different tool bits, suitable for complex processing and diversification processing, multiple usages. It can realize cutting, drilling, grooving, engraving at the same time.

Kitchen Cabinet Making Machine

Kitchen Cabinet Making Machine

It is especially suitable for medium and large furniture manufacturing factories.

With better parts, it is stable, reliable, and durable.

Base Frame Of Cabinet CNC Machine

The base frame of this cabinet CNC machine is made of heavy-duty tubular steel.So it is enough strong to process the hard materials.While ensuring the base frame is firm, it can withstand the pressure through precision machining and welding. Evenly dividing, not only improves the stability of the chassis but also extends the service life of the CNC kitchen Cabinet machine.

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