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Do You Know The Advantages Of Woodworking CNC Router Work

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woodworking cnc router workis the perfect computer-controlled machine for cutting and engraving wood, acrylic, MDF, plastic, marble, rubber, epoxy resin, glass, foam, crystal and other materials. It typically falls into two types, ball screw-driven and rack & pinion-driven. More configuration options include carousel or linear ATC, double platforms, auto loading & unloading platforms, auto labeling platform, drilling head, etc.  woodworking cnc router work is an increasingly popular hobby, and one beautiful material to use is wood. Check out our list of the best woodworking cnc router work!

woodworking cnc router work

Product features:

1.Stronger Structure

Welded steel T type structures as a whole,8mm thickness,six-legged heavy-duty boday ,large bearing capacity with vibration Temper aging treatment ensures no deformation for long time,avoid broken knife,more stable,durable.

2.Aluminum +PVC Slot Table

3mm Thickness aluminum T-Slot working table, more stable and longer life time than normal T-Slot table.

3.Water Cooling Spindle

Large power 3kw water cooling spindle which is with stable performance, lower noise, powerful and high torque, matched with high-performance frequency inverter.

4.Square Guide Rail

Imported Hiwin,Taiwan Linear square guide rail with ball bearing slide block which ensure high weight capacity, high precision, smooth and steady running.Adopt imported precision ball screws , tools feeded with more accuracy.

5.Transmission Type

Gear pinion and Rack gear transmission for X and Y axis, higer running speed and efficiency, saving cost.Z axis with precision ball screw, high precision and more durable.

6.Motor And Driver

China famous 86BYGH450B Stepper Motor and Leadshine stepper motor and driver for XYZ Axis, high precision, fast speed and more stable, dual motor driven Y axis with traveling speed up to more than 15000mm per min.

7.Independent Rotary Axis

Extended gantry & independent removable rotary axis holder ,with diameter 200mm 4 chucks, working length 1000mm totary axis,cylinder processing is in a special zone,each time,no need put the heavy rotary axis on the working table,saving labor and improving working effeciency.

8.NC Studio Control System and Software Compatibility

Favorable compatibility with various CAM software such as Type3/Artcam/Mastercam/Caxa.With intelligent over limit protection function which can stop the mechanical collision due to unproper size given to the design.

9.More Helpful Features

With the function of break-point memory ,power failure resuming and automatic home/origin correction function.The working can be resumed after unexpected situations or next day.

Effectively ensure long time working precision.

How do woodworking cnc router work?

In their most basic form, a CNC router consists of four components, the cutting bed, the spindle, the drive system and the controller. The cutting bed supports the material while it’s being cut. The spindle is the part which does all the cutting. The drive system is essentially an arm which connects to the spindle allowing it to move in three directions while the controller tells the arm which direction to move the spindle.


1、Value for money: Get the best cut for your buck! A good woodworking cnc router work will bring the most features and the greatest quality for the lowest price.

2、Small footprint: A larger machine will let you create a greater variety of projects. However, not everyone has a massive workspace, so the best mills will offer a larger cutting-space-to-footprint ratio. This means you can make big projects without wasting space.

3、Range of materials: Naturally, all these machines can cut wood. However, it’s helpful to understand the material cutting capabilities of your machine so that you can anticipate how well your machine will perform with different materials, especially hardwoods.

4、High quality: This next criterion is multifaceted. The quality of a woodworking cnc router work is determined by a variety of factors: the machine’s rigidity, components, motion system, spindle, and operating system, to name a few.

5、Easy to use: What’s the use of a machine that you can’t figure out how to use? A clean user interface, easy maintenance, and straightforward tool changing are all key to a machine’s ease of use.

6、Active community and support: Comprehensive customer support and community feedback are extremely helpful in learning how to properly and successfully operate your woodcarver.

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