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Good Price CNC Wood Carving Service

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CNC wood carving machines for performing milling operations in manual and automatic mode, with numerical control management for a guarantee of precision over time.

CNC wood carving machine is a wood processing machine ry, in recent years in the advertising industry, wood processing industry uses the more common form of woodworking CNC equipment, depending on the engraving machine control, it can be divided into: arithmetic functions by computer-controlled, single-chip control, USB port to transfer data in three ways. Price:4505-5605$

CNC Wood Carving

Main features of CNC wood carving:

1. Whole cast iron machine structure, tight and strong, can ensure machine runs smoothly.

2. Best choice for wood, advertising materials, with dust proof on all three-axis, it can stop dust away from the rails and ball screw and to keep the machine working for longer time.

3.Imported high precision HIWIN rails linear bearings, smooth movement to ensure the machine tools high precision.

4. Low noise, water cooling system, high rotated speed 24000RPM, can realize only diameter 1mm tools engraving on the hardness materials.

5. Processing metal materials can add water cooling system, which can cool the tools, avoiding the high temperature breaking tools.

6. Good software compatibility can compatible with Artcam/Type3/ Ucancam/JDPaint such as CAD/CAM, 2D/3D processing more convenient to use.

Main advantages of CNC wood carving:

Without a doubt, CNC routers brought us a great favor to finish our projects faster than before. Besides this benefit, there are three main advantages of using a CNC router. They are,

Precision Cutting: Machine language is the most accurate. Human-held cutting surely will have defects. But a machine can not make mistakes. Therefore, precision cutting is the best advantage of the CNC routers.

Different Materials: Using the CNC routers, we can process various materials other than wood. We have already mentioned the name of the materials.

Flexibility and adaptability: Using a CNC router is more flexible because we can easily change the target object according to our desire. Besides, we can simply input the design on the computer and get our results on the machine.

Decreases the Labor cost: Surely, to operate a CNC router no need for laborers because we can smoothly perform all the tasks without any help.

CNC wood carving applicable:

All kinds of woods, all types of plastics, composite, plywood, MDF, polystyrene, wax, PVC milling and many other materials. And it is also work on metals, such as copper, brass, aluminum, etc.


CNC wood carving application Area:

1) Advertising sphere (volume letters, emblems, logos ...)

2) Master models, cliches, stamps, molds and much more

3) Furniture covers and interior decor


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Motor driver


Control system

NcStudio /DSP


T-slot table


XY Axis Germany helical rack,Z axis Taiwan TBI ball screw

Guide rail

XYZ Axis Taiwan liner square guide rail


Z Axis Taiwan TBI ball screw


Thick welded square tube


3phase 380V/50HZ

Machine dimension


Vacuum pump

5.5KW water cooling

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