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High Precision 4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router For Sale

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What Is 4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router? 

4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router machine is based on the ordinary 3 axis CNC machine, adding the fourth axis (rotary axis). In addition, the 4 axis CNC machine is divided into four-axis three-linkage and four-axis four-linkage CNC machine, not to say that the rotation is added, the axis is a four-axis linkage machine, and a CNC system with a rotating axis and a four-axis linkage can be called as a real 4 axis CNC machine. 

4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router can do the curved surface carving, and it can carry out all-round carving for curved plates and all-round plates. Regardless of whether the bent plate is a 180-degree or 90-degree guard, it can be carved naturally, and the carving effect of each angle will not be deformed.

4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router


Two independent working spindles can finish two work-piece at the same time, also cna use two different tools to finish two different designs one by one automatically.

Specia Vacuum system with vacuum table with movable suction block, vacuum pump and tubes.

Heavy bistratal side plates, which can keep large supporting power for the gantry's moving perfectly.

Independently Electric control Box, with perfect wiring nad free moving pulleys.

All axes use original Taiwan Hiwin big size guide rail. X and Y adopts big size rack with helical gear transmission mode, the moment of force will be transferred more powerful and equably.

Adopts gantry movement, that can process any kind of materials freely.

Heavy model with thick seamless steel lath body structure. By strict vibration aging technology to remove the internal stress, dust-free sandblassting paint process, long-term use without deformation.

Every spindle working size cab be up to 1300mm*2500mm.

Excellent compatibility for all G ode design software .. Advanced file pretreatment function can correct the error in the files and is compatible with the process codes of multiple national and international software


Wood processing cutting and carving on any kind of wood for making furniture,such as door,window,cabinet,craft wooden door,chairs and so on.

Also suitable for the guitar, violin and other musical instrument engraving, cutting and milling.

This machine is very suitable for furniture bulk production, like sofa legs, table legs, chair legs, bed legs, bed head, stair

handrails, prop guns, wooden column cylinders... it also can make 3d small statues, figures, sculptures, 360 degree human body, Buddhist statues… etc.


1.The bed lathe is made of heavy duty structure, analyzed and designed with FEA, relieving stress, so the working table is more stable.

2.Three linear bearing to drive the Y shaft, which improve speed and more stable, it can cut repeatedly. Moreover, the Y shaft can move with higher resolution and more stable.

3. Germany-made ball-screw and Taiwan Hiwin quare orbit, with high precision and longevity.

4.High soft, famous brand electric cables, with high abrasion, fold, high temperature , acid and alkali resistant .

5.With High speed spindles that can do mass production work, highly save the time and improve the efficiency in working.

6. The Max. Processing speed can reach 20000mm/min, Max. traveling speed can reach 45000mm/min.




2)Spindle + rotary

8 pcs


Heavy Seamless steel welded

4)-rotary working size:


5)-XYZ transmission:

XYZ axis Taiwan Ball Screw

6)-XYZ guide rail:

Famous Taiwan Hiwin Line 25mm Square guide way


HQD Brand 2.2kw water cooled spindle , 8PCS

8)-Spindle collet:

Each spindle 3pieces


Well known china Fuling brand


Servo motor


Servo driver

12)-Controller system:

Shanghai ncstudio 4 axis /DSP 4 axis/Mach3


220v/380v, 50/60HZ


Artcam/ powermill

15)-Router bits:

20pcs for free



17)-water pump:

4 PCS big power



19)-Packing weight:


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