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High Quality Diy Atc CNC Router In 2023

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This Diy ATC CNC router is equipped with a high-power automatic tool change spindle and a fast tool changer device. It can solve various woodworking processes. It not only can realize the production and processing of custom cabinets and wardrobes but also can realize the processing of middle and high-end cabinet doors. 

Diy ATC CNC router is one professional CNC equipment for CNC cutting, milling, and engraving which is the first choice for many newly opened furniture factories. 

Feature of Diy Atc CNC Router:

 1.The integrally cast lathe bed is used for great solidity and stability.

 2.High precision makes it suitable for the arts and crafts advertising industry.

 3.Option mental tools are available to facilitate mental engraving.

 4.High-speed water cooling spindle,high performance subdivision driver.

 5.This machine suitable for processing small mini items .There is no limited for material ,   such as metal ,stone and wood material both ok.

Diy Atc CNC Router applications:

Sign Making and Carving

Musical Instruments

Plastic and Foam

Prototyping and 3D modeling

Metal Fabrication and Steel Applications

Exhibits and Scene / Prop Shops

Aluminum and Brass Machining

Suitable Materials:

Wood: Solid wood, MDF, Plywood, Chipboard.

Plastic: PVC, ABS, Acrylic, Plastic.

Sign Material: Foam, Cupboard, Styrofoam, Leather, Plastic carpet, corrugated paper,

Soft Metal: Aluminum, Brass,

Composite: Aluminum Composite, Copper Composite, Titanium Composite, Zinc Composite.

advantage of Diy Atc CNC Router :

1: The diy atc CNC Router bed is made of a solid steel pipe structure. It is designed and analyzed according to the heavy-duty structure. And that reduces the stress and make the worktable more stable.

2: Using the famous brand 9.0KW automatic tool change spindle. It is an air-cooled spindle that does not require a water pump and is very convenient to use. So you can also use it in some low-temperature countries.

3: Using a high-performance servo motor, the machine has high working precision. The servo motor runs smoothly. And it has no vibration even at low speeds and has a strong overload capability.

4: The CNC control system controls the automatic tool change system with 6 or 8 tools. So it can replace the tool quickly and reliably.

5: Also, positioning bearing, ball screw, a linear slide is controlled by the bed lathe control system and maintained by the automatic lubrication system.

6: Other functions: breakpoint memory, continue carving after power off, predict processing time and so on.


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