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High Quality Small CNC Milling Machine Price In China

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This is the latest small cnc milling machine . This machine is the best CNC router machine for signs making. Because of its high engraving accuracy, it can engrave exquisite signs. And it is also the best cnc router for small shop, this The machine occupies a small area, is movable and inexpensive, so it is very suitable for small shops. Price:12000-13800$

  Small CNC Milling Machine

Features of small cnc milling machine :

The compact machine size makes these small cnc milling machine  can fit any small working shop and easy to move.

small cnc milling machine  with affordable price. Suitable for the person or company who is with low budget.

The small cnc milling machine  is configured with cast steel structure and ball screw transmission for three-axis. So the machine is with very high precision.

The overall design adopts the gantry layout structure, with high processing precision, production efficiency and automatic. Simple and compact structure, and good comprehensive characteristics;

The machine tool spindle is directly driven by water-cooled AC asynchronous motor, which has the characteristics of simple structure, economical reliability, high rotation speed, and convenient maintenance;

The machine tool feed system adopts the open-loop control of the stepping motor, which can meet the requirements of positioning accuracy, good system stability, low manufacturing cost, and convenient debugging and maintenance.

The mechanical part design of the small CNC Router machine includes the overall layout, main motion transmission system, spindle structure, and feed motion system design. These structures can be optimized for low cost, high efficiency, and practicality after optimization of design parameters.

Available working sizes of the mini CNC router are 400*400mm,600*900mm,1200*1200mm, and custom size.

Easy to learn and operate; 18 months warranty.

Small cnc milling machine application:

Precision,complex parts processing;periodic repetitive production parts processing; multi station, muti process centralized parts prcessing

Option parts:

1.The working range can be customized as per your requests;

2.Control system: Weihong(Syntec or FAGOR) or as your request

3.Can be 3 axis and 4 axis or 5 axis universal.

4.Different linear guide, precision ball screw, servo motor, system components as your request 


Working area



3kw ATC water cooling spindle-ISO25


NK280 control system


japan yaskawa servo motor 850w


Taiwan hiwin 25mm square rails


Taiwan TBI ball screw

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