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High Quality Wooden CNC ATC Router For Sale

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What is an ATC CNC Router?

1. The high quality wooden CNC ATC Router is an automatic CNC machine with tool changer for cabinet making, door making, furniture making, craft making, decorations, musical instruments, sign making, windows, tables and most popular woodworking projects and plan.

2. The spindle usually has a 6-tool or 8-tool or 10-tool or 12-tool tool magazine. When the machine is working, the tool can be automatically replaced according to the needs of the work, without manual operation.

3. The three most common ATC CNC router kits:

Includes Linear ATC CNC Kit, Drum ATC CNC Kit (Rotary ATC CNC Kit) and Chain ATC CNC Kit.

high quality wooden CNC ATC Router

In addition there are ATC cutting and drilling double head CNC routers.

Features of high quality wooden cnc atc router:

1.Whole lathe bed and gantry are whole casting aluminum (whole casting iron is optional)

2. XYZ axis adopt linear square guide rail (Taiwan HIWIN or PMI, diameter 20mm)smooth   operation, high precision, long life.

3. Adopt Ncstudio control, support win7/XP/2000. control system is Richauto A11S, 512MB. DSP and Mach3 control system is optional.

4. Stainless steel water slot cooling system help cool tools when working, avoid breaking tool, sticking material.

5. Adopt 3.0 KW water cooling spindle, big power suitable for engraving and cutting.  ER20,  support tool diameter 3.175mm,4mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,12.7mm.

6. The machine is good at in processing all kinds of small workpiece ,widely used in advertising signs, badges, logo, mould construction equipment, mould products, industrial mold, applicable materials are acrylic, double color boards, PCB, copper, aluminum, etc.

7. Adopt Artcam 2008 or Artcam 7.0 tool path design software. Compatible with Type3,    ucancam, AutoCAD and so on.

8.Working table moving makes sure machine high accuracy.

9.XY adopt dust-proof cloth to make machine maintenance easy.

How to choose woodworking CNC router machine

1. Determine the size of the material to be processed, and select the CNC router worktable accordin g to the maximum size of the material. Commonly used CNC wood engraving machine size models are 4 x 8 feet AKM1325 (1300 x 2500mm) and 5 x 10 feet AKM1530 (1500 x 3000mm).

2. Select the appropriate motor according to the precision of processing. At the same speed, the ser vo motor has higher positioning speed and positioning accuracy than the stepper motor, so if you oft en work at high speed, choosing a servo motor can better ensure the engraving quality. And the gre ater the motor power, the finer the engraving, so you must see what type of products you are proces sing during use. Of course, the price of a powerful CNC engraving machine is naturally more expens ive.

3. Know the speed of the spindle motor. When purchasing an CNC router machine, if you find that th e spindle speed is not adjustable or the adjustable range is small, it is recommended not to choose i t, because it will affect the finished product during use.

4. Choose the tool change method according to the workshop size. If you are a large-scale compan y, purchasing an automatic tool change CNC router machine will bring you greater profits, because the ATC CNC router machine is more automated, which can effectively reduce labor costs and improve processing efficiency. If you are a personal studio or an CNC machine enthusiast, a small CNC router machine can meet your needs.

) Cutting the board furniture, slotting and arranging holes;

high quality wooden CNC ATC Router

high quality wooden CNC ATC Router

high quality wooden CNC ATC Router

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