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High Speed And Precision CNC Metal Router For Sale

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Moreover,IGOLDENCNC CNC metal cutting machine is very cost-effective. It is much cheaper than a waterjet and fiber laser cutting machine. If you’re a mold maker, aerospace component manufacturer, automotive component manufacturer, exhibition building manufacturer or other related manufacturers for metal fabrications and steel applications, come to choose IGOLDENCNC, let our CNC cutting machine for metal be your best and effective working partners!

Features of cnc metal router:

1.This type machine combined both the CNC router spindle and Plasma torch, it have the advantages of  cnc router and plasma cutter,  save the space for your workshop .

2.It could cut thick and hard metal use plasma  cutting head with high speed ,while with high accuracy  while do the milling and work with CNC spindle . 

3.Machine is with saw steel combine T-slot table, the T-slot table is removable .And we added handle and lock for removable table ,easy to change and fix .So when do plasma metal cut job won`t hurt CNC part .

4.A mist-spaying cooling system is needed  if you engrave metal (aluminum, copper, stone etc.)by cnc router 

5.And there`s some method could reach 4axis job in a more cheap way :

Add a muanl 360°wheel behind the spindle

Or add a simple 4th. axis rotary device on machine.

6.Control system :To make it easy operate ,we combined  two system within one cabinet.

Applications of cnc metal router

This cnc metal router has powerful processing capabilities,Therefore, the CNC router metal cutting machine has been welcomed by more and more people. And this machine has been widely used in many processing fields. Next, we will introduce you to several major application industries of metal cutting CNC router.

1. Advertising and gift manufacturing industry: The metal cutting CNC router can be used to carve all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, Vatican stone doorplates, three-dimensional billboards, decorative gifts, light box tablets, two-color human statues, embossed medals, and wall-mounted lamps Products such as housing, light guide plate carved lamp house, organic plate embossed three-dimensional door head and other products.

2. Mold manufacturing industry: This metal cutting CNC router can realize engraving and engraving button relief molds, printing and hot stamping molds, injection molds, blow molds, stamping molds, eye molds, etc.

3. Automobile manufacturing industry: This machine can produce a variety of metal products such as automobile parts and automobile models.

4. Other industries: The metal cutting cnc router can be used in model manufacturing, mechanical processing industry, decoration industry and other industries.

Advantage of cnc metal router  :

1.heavy duty body structure,Working stable, long time without deformation, high precision

2.1300x2500x200mm working table(option:1500x3000mm,2000x3000mm,2000x4000mm or according your requirements)

3.Z axis adopts Taiwan TBI ball screw transmission,high accuracy

4.Hiwin linear guide rail from Taiwan,the quality are much better

5.Gantry moving,The position precision is much better.

6.3.2kw water cooling spindle,good cooling effect,low noise.(option:4.5KW,5.5kw ,

   6kw,9kw air cooling spindle,long using life,easy to installation and operation)

7.Chinese famous stepper motor and driver,(option:Hybrid servo motor or servo motor)

8.Fuling inverter,(option:Delta inverter,well control frequency and adjust spindle speed)

9.NC-Studio control system.(option:DSPMach3/Syntec control system)

10.Emergency alarm system,ensure the operators safety

11.Dust collector ,ensure the working environment clear

12.CE certificates supply and with 2 year warranty

13.Voltage:380v/50hz/3 phase or 220v/50hz/single phase

14.Option:vacuum pump,dust collector




IGW- 1325-1-6

Working size

1300*2500*200mm(also customise)


1.5KW *6 water cooling spindle


Fuling inverter


Stepper motor


Stepper driver


NC studio


Aluminum T slot table


Taiwan Hiwin  X,Y axis25,Z axis 20


Gear rack

Ball screw

Z axis TBI ball screw


Thick welded big square tube


Steel beam


Independent cabinet



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