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How Much Do You Know About CNC Wood Carving Machine

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Product Description

CNC wood carving machine for performing milling operations in manual and automatic mode, with numerical control management for a guarantee of precision over time.CNC wood carving machineis designed to cut a multitude of materials such as composite material, foam, plastic, wood, rubber, gaskets, textiles and much more. Used for woodworking, sign making, non-ferrous metal and plastic cutting industries,etc.Especially in the rosewood industry,  Igoldencnc CNC has a good reputation. The carved products are free of grinding and polishing, and have been unanimously affirmed by customers. Save production costs and improve production efficiency.

 CNC wood carving machine

Usage for:

Furniture industry: the cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood, plate, doors and windows, tables and chairs.

Decoration industry: screen, wave plates, large wall hanging,

Advertising industry: advertising board, logo production.

The price:1 - 5 Sets CN¥54,662.65 >=6 Sets CN¥41,908.75


* Constructed from heavy,all-steel tube frame along with thicken steel gantry that ensure durability. 

It also features cast steel gantry supports which greatly dampen vibrations and improves routing quality. 

* Use Professional high-temperature artificial aging treatment to eliminate welding stress, 

high precision machining planer ensures strong, durable with no deformation. 

* XY axisfeatures high-precision helical racks and Z axis features ball screw to provide 

smooth motion and tight control for precise and quality engraving. 

* Y-axis adopt dual-motor drive, powerful and smooth operation. 

* The use of breakpoint memory ensures the continuing of processing in case of accidents. 

Such as cutter broken, power failure and stuck unforeseen. 

* Just a touch of the automatic lubrication system, easy to complete regular maintenance. 

* Compatible with any advanced CAM/CAD software, 

such as Type3, Artcam,CAXA,Pro-E,UG, Artcut, Mastercam. 

* Adopt NCstudio CNC system, keyboard operation, large screen display, easier to operate

and maintain, more humanized design

Parameter Configuration

X,   Y Axis Working Area mm 1300*2500/ 1500*2500/1500*3000/ 2000*3000/ 2000*4000
Z Axis Working Height mm 200
Positioning Accuracy mm 0.05
Re-positioning Accuracy mm 0.02
Body Structure
Welding Body
X, Y Axis Structure
Linear Guide Rail, Gear Rack
Z Axis Structure
Linear Guide Rail, Ball Screw
Max. Running Speed mm/min 50000
Max. Working Speed mm/min 20000
Spindle kw 4.5kw Air-cooling Spindle(Optioned)
Spindle RPM rpm/min 24000
Working Voltage V/Hz AC 220V/ 380V, 50-60Hz
Machine Weight kg 1400/1700/1900/2200/2500
*Some specifications support customization, please contact us

High Frequency Powerful spindle

The High quality Alpha ABS series CNC Router machine comes standard with 3.2kw high frequency spindle. This precision spindle requires no maintenance. Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 24000 RPM, more powerful and less noise.

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