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How Much Is A CNC Woodworking Machine?

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If you want to buy a new or used  CNC woodworking machineis, you expect the machine to solve your manufacturing challenges. Igoldencnc  CNC machining centers offer cutting-edge technology from the world market leader for all woodworking technology for manufacturers of all sizes.

  CNC woodworking machineis an efficient machine majorly used for cutting and shaping wood. The biggest advantage of using the best CNC woodworking machine is minimizing wastage, which eventually increases overall productivity and decreases the production time tenfold. The numerical control helps the CNC wood router to align a specific path to tools, which gives them a proper direction. The size of aCNC router is comparatively smaller than the industrial routers and you can easily connect it with your home computer using software.Price:CN¥77,170.80 - CN¥83,601.70/ Piece

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Cheap  CNC Woodworking Machine Kit Applications:

 1. Woodworking industry Wooden door, furniture and decoration, Cabinet Making, Wood crafts making, Redwood carving, Archaized furniture and other industries. 

2. Advertising industry Double face board and scutcheon, department brand, chest brand and the architecture board, ABS brand, acrylic and jade article. 

3. Electronic industry Circuit, insulation materials, LED screen, family appliance shell and model carving. 


OurCNC woodworking machineis can easily process any of the following materials for the production of cabinet parts, furniture and furniture frames, dovetail drawers, mantles, decorative carvings, three-dimensional reliefs, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

Product Application:

Wood: Baffle box, Video Game machine cabinet, computer table, sewing machine table, musical instrument.

Decoration: screen, wave plate, huge-scale hanging, advertisement plates, markings making.

Uses for wood processing operations

Due to their highly flexible uses, CNC woodworking machineis are becoming increasingly indispensable for wood processing operations - for industry and workshops alike. A growing number of companies are upgrading to CNC machines in an effort to confront market demands and cost pressures. CNC woodworking machineis are in use particularly when various wood species need to be machined, frequently also in combination with other materials, such as plastics or non-ferrous metals. Solid wood or wood materials, such as plywood, particle board or MDF panels, can be milled (CNC woodworking machineis), sawed or sanded automatically and in series production. This permits the use of CNC woodworking machineis to produce construction elements (doors, windows, etc.), for solid wood processing (furniture, interior design), and for panel machining. The use of CNC wood processing machinery even results in highly satisfactory and cost-effective outcomes for the production of intricate musical instruments.

Parameter Configuration

Description Parameters
Working area 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle ATC 9KW air cooling spindle
Inverter Fuling
Motor Dorna servo motor and driver 1500W and shimpo Reducer
Driver Dorna servo motor and driver 1500W
Control System LNC 
Table Vacuum and T slot table with 5.5kw cooling pump
Oil lubrication Automatic lubrication
Limit Omron limit
Transmission XY axis helical rack Z axis Taiwan ball screw 
Rail X,Y,Z axis Taiwan HIWIN Square guide rail
Screw Z axis TBI 3210 ball screw
Bed Thick steel welded big square tube 
Gangry Strong frame
Pillars Steel pillar
Cabinet Independent cabinet
Voltage 3 phase/380V
Dust collector Double bags 3.0kw 
Tool library Automatic up and down
*Some specifications can be customized upon request, please contact us

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