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how to maintain the 5 axis machine?

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With the improvement of our economic level and the popularity of CNC machine tools, more and more 5 axis CNC machines are used by people. Although it is expensive, its powerful functions are the reasons why customers choose it.

Will different material types affect processing?

The main factors affecting the engraving performance of the material are the material type, hardness and toughness, and the internal structure of the material. The material category is mainly the distinction between metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Generally speaking, the greater the hardness, the greater the viscosity, and the worse the processability. The more impurities, the worse the processing effect, and the greater the hardness of the particles inside the material, the worse the processing effect.

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The price of a 5 axis machining center is very expensive, so how to protect the machine during processing?

1) Clean up the main parts of the machine in time to avoid excessive oil corrosion. 2) Pay attention to avoid dust and flying floc. This kind of flocculation is very harmful to the machine tool. If you accidentally fly into the electrical control cabinet, it will cause a short circuit. Flying into the guide rail will shorten its service life. Therefore, in the process of processing, you should pay attention to vacuuming, pay attention to the sealing of the main parts of the machine, and protect it. 3) During the machining process, do not observe the cutting process too close to avoid flying chips and hurt your eyes. When the spindle motor is working, the processing environment should be ensured, and other irrelevant operations are not allowed on the working surface. 4) When opening and closing the door of the machine, be careful not to operate violently. Especially in the machining process, impact and vibration will be generated during the process of opening and closing the door, which will cause tool marks on the surface of the processed material. 5) The spindle speed must be set in advance before starting processing. Otherwise, because the spindle rotates slowly when it is just started, processing starts without reaching the required speed, causing the motor to stop suddenly. 6) It is prohibited to place any unnecessary tools or workpieces on the beam of the machine tool.

How to adjust the processing parameters when the processing effect does not meet expectations?

When adjusting parameters, first adjust the cutting depth, then adjust the feed rate, and finally adjust the processing speed. Pay attention to the choice of the tool. If the depth of the knife is too small, although the theoretical cutting efficiency is very high, the actual processing effect will be affected, which will cause the addition to fail to meet expectations.

5 axis engraving machines are more expensive and have better processing results. The processing accuracy is unmatched by other machines. It can almost meet the processing results you want. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us and we will have professional technicians to answer you.

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