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Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machinefor Furniture Making,What It Can Do

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linear ATC CNC router is mainly used for panel furniture doors and cabinet production. It can quickly drill, groove, and cut to solve common furniture connectors like two in one connector, three in one connector. It also can process kinds of invisible furniture connectors, like Lamello, Lockdowel. The Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machine for Furniture Making equips high power ATC(automatic tool change) spindle and linear type ATC tool stock, suitable for complex processing and diversification processing, multiple usages. It can do the cutting, drilling, grooving, shaped cutting, carving at one time. 

Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machine for Furniture Making

Easy operation, very suitable for customized cabinet and cabinet door order production.

Applications of Linear ATC CNC Wood Routerwith SYNTEC Control System: Linear ATC wood CNC router is mainly used in furniture making industry, furniture decoration industry, wood craft industry, wood decoration industry, automotive tooling industry, solid wood furniture,classical furniture, decoration material, door cabinets, wooden kitchen furniture ,etc. Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machine for Furniture Making is designed for wood materials and other materials processing such as Aluminum, Acrylic, MDF, PVC, etc. 

Features of Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machine for Furniture Making:

Our Linaer Atc Cnc Nesting Machine for Furniture Making is your best choice for furniture manufacturing, indoor and outdoor decoration. It is very suitable for processing cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wooden furniture, musical instruments, etc.

The vacuum table is designed to process materials with high precision.

High-quality linear guides ensure quiet, smooth, and precise movement.

Intelligent and user-friendly design of the spindle: The intelligent control of the spindle enables it to automatically start and stop, which is safer, more convenient, and energy-saving.

We use a 9kW spindle with a maximum torque of 6.4 Nm and a revolution per minute between 12000 and 24000. This is the ideal RPM for all cutter heads, and it can cut and engrave materials with a Brinell hardness not exceeding 60 HB scale.

For your convenience, we provide manual pulse generators (also known as handwheels). It allows you to easily set the work origin setting, fine position adjustment (manual or continuous inching), and interrupt actions.

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