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Cnc Tenon And Mortise Machine

This Cnc Tenon And Mortise Machine can open tenon at both ends of the material at the same time, the shape of the tenon, automatic feeding, cutting, and discharging, the size can be the same or different, it is easy and convenient, and greatly reduces the labor intensity.

CNC Mortise And Tenon Machine Description:

Can be used for horizontal round tenon processing, vertical round tenon processing, round tenon processing, square tenon

processing, etc., and can set some non-standard shaped tenon processing

Mortise And Tenon Machine Parameter

Max processing   size of square tenon 140*80mm
Max   processing width of horizontal    elliptical tenon (Single/double workbench) 430mm/140mm
Max processing width of vertical   elliptical tenon 80mm
Max machining diameter of Round tenon 80mm
Spindle speed 9000r/min
Total installed power 4.5kw
Weight 850kg
Dimensions 2500*1000*1700

CNC Router Mortise Tenon Details

Features of CNC tenon machine:

1.The slider screw adopts German imported Rexroth brand with high precision,high hardness,good dustproof effect and long service life.

2.Double-end tenon,high productivity,increased productivity,labor saving,can process two kinds of workpieces with two different shapes at the same time.

3.Touch screen CNC operating system product molding at a high density.

4.Selected quality raw materials,durable and low maintenance rate.

Product  Details

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