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The Most Popular 3 Axis ATC Wood CNC Router Of 2021

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3 axis ATC wood CNC router is a heavy-duty circular type auto tool changing machine center with excellent configurations. Boring head and auto loading & unloading parts are optional. 3 axis automatic tool changer wood CNC router UC-481 can be used in the furniture decoration industry, wood products processing, musical instruments industry, artwork industry, and electronic industry.

 axis ATC wood CNC router

Product Description

1. This is auto tool changer CNC router; it can change 8/12 tools automatically.

2. This model chooses Chinese 9kw air cooled spindle or Italian 9KW ATC air cooling spindle, Japan YASKAWA servo/Taiwan Delta servo  system and Delta 11 KW inverter.

3. We use spray and 6 mm thickness stainless for machine frame,10mm  steel tube for gantry 

4. SYNTEC control system to avoid the mistake of the software. It can protect the table and the machine. This is a simple auto-tool changer CNC router for wood working. It can save the time to change the tools.

Features of 3 axis ATC wood CNC router 

1. Linear tool changer magazine manages more than 8 sets of tools automatically in the engraving process; 

2. Rotary device optional is essential for cylindrical workpieces such as chair frames, stair frames, Roman-style columns, and others; 

3. The working size can be increased to 3000*7600mm or larger, which can greatly promote the efficiency of processing; 

4. All the specifications can be customized according to your own requirements;

Tools clamp

As we know, tools is the consumable parts for cnc 3 axis ATC wood CNC router . If you buy machine, we recommend you choose some tools in stock. It saves DHL cost.

Air cooling spindles

We have water cooling spindles and air cooling spindles. The pictures is air cooling spindle. Regarding your different situation, we will recommend chooose different type. 

Applications of 3 Axis CNC machining center with ATC system for woodworking: 3 axis CNC machining center with ATC system is widely applied in industrial board cutting, mould manufacturing & processing, wooden products processing, building decorating & furnishing, stone, glass, copper, aluminum and advertising products processing, etc. Woodworking Industry:Ideally suitable for furniture decoration, musical instruments, wooden crafts, solid wood furniture, MDF paint-free door, wood composite door, cabinet, kitchen doors, windows, night table, etc. Decoration industry:Art model, Wall Art, screen relief engraving and cutting, decoration processing, gifts wrapping, waved plate, electrical cabinets panels, sports equipment, and other wooden industrial products 

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