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The Most Popular Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine In 2021

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Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine front center distance adjustable, using double motor, variable speed drill package, pneumatic positioning, convenient, fast, side use milling cutter swing device, motor frequency conversion, special positioning device, realize automatic milling forming.

The spindle can rotate/tilt/swing +/-90 degree (0~180 degree),it can work with 4 axes simultaneously!!! very suitable for 3d arc-surface, bending surface, curved surface, molds, sculptures,and many other 2d & 3d products 

 Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine

Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine is used for processing wooden doors, door frames, window frames, and window sills. Door locks, door lock steps, door and window hinges are completed by one-time milling, which conveniently and accurately controls the machining dimensions of door locks, tongues and hinges.

Application of Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine :

1. This Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine is used for milling groove on the wooden door, PVC Door ,the door/window frame and window sash. 

 2. It can finish the milling of the door lock, lock step,doors / Windows hinge all at once. 

 3. More convenient and accurate. After specifical processing, the lifting motor works more accurate, with longer service life.

 4. The Wooden Door Lock Hole Machineis patent and works for all kinds of lock-holes, lock-slot, lock sidesteps and hinge-slots in doors.

Feature of Wooden Door Lock Hole Machine

1. The whole body structure is FEA Finite Element Analysis, The body is subjected to high temperature quenching , Make the machine running stably and reliably without deformation.

2. Floating adsorption table can be used for whole plate adsorption or point-to-point adsorption , we can work with a simple input size or scan recognition.

3. Taiwan control system, Taiwan high precision rail and helical rack .

4. Servo drive system and Liming reducer .

5. Schneider Electric, stable performance .

Product Description

Three-process Lock Hole cnc router

Work itinerary1300*2500*200mm, one can swing around 90 degrees
Bed bodyThick-walled Steel Pipe
Spindle4.5KW air-cooled spindle with different power spindles available
Spindle speed0-18000 rpm/min
Frequency convertersFu/delta/day Care
GuideTaiwan Upper Silver
Tooth rackTaiwan Crescent
Motorservo, Stepping (optional)
Drivenservo, Stepping (optional)
Gear Reduction MachineTaiwan New Treasure (none)
XYZ structureXY rack, Z Screw
Countertop structureVacuum adsorption table  Aluminum profile Table (optional)
Vacuum systemOptions available
Vacuum pump5.5KW water-cooled/5.5kw Air-Cooled
Oil injection systemManual (automatic Optional)
Locating cylindersNo
Engraving instructionsG Code
Maximum Empty line speedMaximum Empty line speed
Max engraving speed20000mm/min
Operating voltageac220v/380v-50hz
Operating systemWeihong System/dsp/bao Yuan/shan Long
Gross weight2500KG
Kinematic positioning accuracy±0.05mm
Repeat positioning accuracy±0.02mm

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