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The Price Of a Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine In 2021

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Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine is a kind of CNC six-sided drilling and slotting equipment for panel furniture. 

The Six Sides CNC Drilling Machine is combined with the automatic panel furniture cutting machine 

to realize fully automated and efficient production of panel furniture and custom furniture throughout the house. 

The whole process of furniture cutting and drilling production does not require manual flipping.


Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine


Six-sided drilling imported special row drill, more stable, faster and more efficient; a variety of pressure plate roller, to ensure drilling accuracy.

1. Six-sided drilling, double-sided sliding groove, code-sweeping operation, fast and efficient; double claws, plate does not slide

2. Automatic mobile positioning according to plate size; Anchuan bus absolute value, stable, high-speed and efficient

3. Various data formats, such as BAN, DXF, XML, MPR, BD, etc., can be docked with the mainstream software in the market.

4. Special row drills for hexahedral drilling (imported) are added with a variety of pressing wheels to ensure drilling accuracy.

advantage of Six Sides Cnc Drilling Machine:

High technology compact machine making possible to drill holes on 6 sides, groove top and bottom, route shapes in one process without necessary of turning panel. Continuous working for various batch sizes and patterns to fit complex production. High accuracy and processing effective, basically no complaints.

Long guiding rail with dual clampers. Cleaning device in between to remove possible chips and dust on workpiece surface for tightly grasping. Special design on bottom, clampers will fall down to make sure workpiece and the unloading table are at same level to prevent possible small scratch.

Two boring blocks and one 3.5kw main spindle on top processing unit; One boring block and one 3.5kw main spindle on bottom processing unit; Well arranged drills layout makes it possible to do mirror processing at the same time.

The accurate movement of each axis is ensured by the high quality servo motors. Fast and precise. Max travelling speed: X/U/Y/Z:135/135/75/30m/min

Transmission system

 Taiwan servo motor, Hiwin linear guide rails and screw, imported rack and pinion

 In the Z, U, D,transmission with direct drive , to prevent the backlash or affect the accuracy.

 All drive shafts are designed to be fully sealed design, effectively prevent dust from entering the rail or screw on the impact of accuracy and life

Automatic compacting device

 According to the system program, the workpiece is fully automatic compressed or released to fit the workpiece drilling and feeding.

 Each pedal is controlled by each solenoid and can be adjusted to the thickness of each plate to ensure that each sheet is not crushed or deformed

 Medium-pressure plate is roller type,,it will not be crushed or deformed during the slotting or milling and ensure processing accuracy.

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