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The Whole Network Praise Laser Cleaning Machine Supplier

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Laser Cleaning-  Surface Cleaning is one of the key applications in the industry. To attain the application with utmost precision and efficiency IGOLDENCNC Group has introduced the Fiber Laser Cleaning System. The system is used for the surface removal process. The System is capable to remove rust, grease, color and other particles from the surface of the metal. 

Laser Industries’ Laser Cleaning Machines have incredible versatility across a myriad of industrial applications. The technology offers a non-destructive, environmentally friendly solution.

Laser cleaning machine is a high-tech and latest product of surface cleaning. It is easy to install, carry and operate. Just turn on the power and it can start to clean without any chemical reagents, medium or water.

Handheld Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine1

It is portable and with a handhold, with advantages of manual adjustment, spherical surface cleaning and high precision cleaning on surface. It can be used for laser paint removal, can also remove resin, oil contamination, stains, dirt, rust, coating, plating and paint on the surface of different objects. The stone caving surface attachments and rubber mold surface residues can also be cleaned by it.

★ Features of Laser Cleaning Machine :

1. Non-contact cleaning, no damage to parts.

2. Accurate positioning and precise cleaning.

3. No consumables, safe and environmentally friendly.

4. Simple operation and automatic cleaning.

5. High efficiency and stable performance.

★ Application of Laser Cleaning Machine :

1.This machine is widely applied in laser rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, oxide removal, screw cleaning, tire mold cleaning, welding seam cleaning, etc.

2.The machine is widely used in the ship-building industry, metal parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, tire molds, rail environmental protection industry,etc.

Laser cleaning machine advantages:

1, the laser cleaning is dry cleaning, no exhaust emissions, does not cause environmental pollution, cleaning residues through the vacuum cleaner recycling.

2, can effectively clean the other method is difficult to remove the clean surface adsorption of submicron particles.

3, the laser can be transmitted by optical fiber, and robots and robots to match, easy to achieve long-distance operation, to clean the traditional method is not easy to reach the site, which in some dangerous places to use to ensure the safety of personnel;

4, the laser cleaning efficiency, save time, lower cost.

5, good controllability, high flexibility, easy to implement constituency, real-time precision cleaning.

6, the heat-affected zone is small, for light stripping cleaning is to open the material bond, no thermal effect on the surrounding material without thermal damage. No damage to the mold - to extend the life of the mold.

7, car tire mold can be achieved online cleaning, cleaning speed (≦ 25 minutes / deputy), easy to operate, without any supplies (except electricity) and chemicals.

8, the purchase of laser cleaning system Although the previous one-time investment is high, but the cleaning system can be long-term stable use, low operating costs, few warranty requirements.

laser cleaning machine supplier:

We are a company integrating manufacturing and sales of CNC routers, laser engraving machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, cutting plotters, etc. The main configuration all adopt top parts imported from Italy, Japan, Germany, etc.We adopt international advanced producing technologies to improve our products. Our products are widely used in advertising, woodworking, artworks, model, electric, CAD/CAM industry models, clothing, package printing, marking, laser sealing and so on.


Our company adheres to the Market-Oriented business principles, and implements the business philosophy of "Quality First and Customer First". We have set up more than 20 sale and service departments around China which can offer our customers the services of design, fixing, training, maintenance and so on. Besides sale in China, our products exports around the world including the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the USA.

Shandong iGolden CNC is a solution supplier of CNC application with key technology and independent intellectual property rights. 




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