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Top stone cutting machine price in China

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The price is a question that most people will ask in advance when buying goods. Some people are just for high prices and quality. Some are because they already know this product. Ask the price to compare with each other to see which one should be selected. Products are better.


The stone cutting machine is mainly used for engraving marble, granite, jade, blue-stone, black stone, and other stone materials, as well as ceramics, glass, organic glass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo, and other materials. The price range is generally between 2,000USD and 15,000USD.

stone cutting machine  is also a computerised machine with a cutting head that can tilt 45 degree.The touch-sentitive screen,magnestic grid system etc that make thestone cutting machine  high accuracy,stability and efficiency in cutting.It is particularly and ideal machine for high-value and large size thicker marble,granite etc slab processing.

 stone cutting machine  Advantages:

  stone cutting machine

1. The machine head can swing 360 degrees freely, and the plate can be cut at any angle and shape

2. It can be used for cutting large plate, 45 degree chamfering, pot hole, stove hole and oblique line cutting

3. The platform is turned over at 85 degrees to facilitate loading and unloading.

4. The operation is simple and the control system can input data.

5. Equipped with grinding wheel device, it can polish the table face and cutting surface.

Main Features

1. The  stone cutting machine  is a normal model of heavy stone flat engraving machine.

2. Machine bed adopt joist steel that improve the load-bearing capacity which can bear more than 2 tons.

3. The bed inside uses stainless steel that can greatly prolong the working life of the machine.

4. The  stone cutting machine  uses the domestic and foreign high-end installation kit and the lathe bed gantry that made by machining center to ensure the machining accuracy of the machine.

5. The new three shaft waterproof and waterproof design, easy to remove, repair and maintenance.

Parameter Configuration

X, Y Axis Working Area mm 3000*2000
Z Axis   Working Height mm 260
Cutting   Accuracy mm 0.02
Blade   Diameter mm 350mm
X/Y-axis Cutting Speed mm/min 1-2000
Zaxis Cutting   Speed mm/min 1-1000
A-axis   Cutting Speed R/min 0-7
RPM rpm 2800
Working   Voltage V/Hz AC 380V±10%/50-60Hz
Machine   Weight kg 2400

The sample


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