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What Are The Advantages Of 4 Axis Multi -head CNC Router?

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4 Axis Multi -head Cnc Router Is in the ordinary plane three axis engraving machine on the basis of the fourth axis - rotation axis, because the rotation of the fourth axis, the realization of cylindrical, arc, circular, etc., three-dimensional processing. Four - axis linkage engraving machine is widely used in the head of the piano, stigma, table legs,chair,bamboo tube processing.

4 Axis Multi -head Cnc Router

.Machine Features

1. All of the spindles can work together, save time and approve the work efficiency, while any of them can work alone too.

2. Adopt integral iron casting machine body. Non-deformation configured with international advanced high precision linear rail(AMT or HIWIN),more stable movement ,long lifetime using.

3. Water cooling, high power spindle, low noise, and big cutting force to assure the long time working.

4. Adopted German made double-nut ball crews and imported linear guide rail. The storage of the break point function enables the machine can work continuously in case of power off.

5. Firm structure, no distortion, which make it more precise.

6. Large cutting power not only elaborately carved a jagged, smooth, clear bottom.

7. Gantry moving, the lathe bed is cast wholly, firmly and will not become cut of shape.

8. Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be transmitted in a second, supports hot plug and play, no driver installation required(Window98/NT/2000/XP)

9. More compatible: It is compatible with such CAD/CAM software like Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Proe/UG/Artcut ,etc

10. Support semi-automatic oil lubrication system, can maintain easily optional device of Panasonic servo system from Japan.

11. Adopt more advance X-Y-Z Auto-oil-feeding System.


1. Multi-spindle carving: in the same pattern can be multi-spindle work at the same time, improve the processing speed, control the production cost.

2. Steel bed frame with thickness up to 10mm,after welding tempering aging treatment, it has strong rigidity, large strength and smooth rotation, so that it can run at high speed for a long time without deformation or vibration.

3. The 4 Axis Multi -head Cnc Router is driven by Taiwan Hiwin linear guide rail, three-axis full square rail, which can be used for heavy cutting;Adopt brand stepping motor and high speed drive to ensure the machine running at high speed for a long time.

4, simple operation, so that the motor to give full play to the potential of high speed, curved linear synchronous processing, and a long time without worry: with power, break point continued carving, processing time prediction and other functions, the real humanized design


 Advantages of 4 Axis Multi -head Cnc Router

· The overall bed lathe is made of cast steel under welding processing,no deformation.Strong steel,big forceful,smooth rotation,making a long run at high speed no distortion,no jitter.

· This 4 Axis Multi -head Cnc Routerwith one spindle,one chuck and one centre,and support upgrade to two chucks and two centres.One operator could run 2-3 pcs of cnc wood lathe at the same time for saving salary cost.

· Our product supports G code,software such as ArtCAM,Type3 etc.

· The actuator is  adopted YAKOTEC actuator, FULING transducer.

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