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What Are The Advantages Of The 5 Axis Atc CNC Router

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The5 Axis Atc CNC Router  is another demonstration of our technology leadership, as this tool delivers multi-axis capability at an affordable price. The BCAM 5-Axis is ready for production cutting, drilling, trimming, as well as prototype-and fixture-machining in a large work envelope, accessible from all angles.

This ATC series is very suitable for complex processes, which needs a variety of tools during production. It is mainly used in the furniture industry, especially the processing of doors making and cabinet doors making. It is the best choice for kinds of door processing.

 5 Axis Atc CNC Router

This 5 Axis Atc CNC Router  has many advantages such as :

spindle fast drilling function 

Absolute value servo motor, the machine does not need to return to the origin for processing

Following type tool change tool magazine under gantry,  allows CNC Routerto complete highly complex jobs with multiple tools with no user interaction.

Feeding roller design, auxiliary board loading.

Automatic tool setting instrument, automatic lubrication system, standard configuration

Innovative pop up locating pins allow for easy material positioning, resulting in decreased loading time to maximize production.

Product Description

1) Big steel tube structure, so the machine’s body is strong, reliable and durable. It is with large bearing capacity and long working life.

2) Top-quality components, to make the machine hig-precision and high-efficiency,which keep the machine in best condition even after working for many years.

3) Humanized and beautiful designing. Breakpoint specific memory to keep the carving status when power off, processing time  and other functions in case of the accidental power outages. Stop Emergency Buttons , emergent shutdown during unexpected accidents and do no harm to human. 

4) Easy and safe operation and low maintenance cost. To make you learn quickly how to operate safely the machine, free training in our factory will be offered. 

5) According to your requirement, different configurations will be offered. OEM service is available for you.

Japanese SHIMPO reducer, the world famous brand, the role is to reduce the torque and increase the torque. As an option, the motor usually transmits the power to the gear through the belt, but the belt is tough and not durable. There is slack, the precision will drop, and some hard or thick materials are processed, the power is insufficient, and the phenomenon is

stuck. The reducer avoids the shortcomings of the above belt drive, and the steel is relatively strong. The pinion and the large gear are meshed with each other through the internal gear of the reducer, and finally the deceleration and torque are

Scope of application

Composite materials industry: trimming and perforating various composite materials such as plastic parts, glass steel parts, rubber and plastic products. Advanced 5 axis cnc router machine, 

Mold industry: five-axis processing of glass fiber reinforced plastic wooden molds, cast wooden molds, resin products, clay models, and various non-metallic molds.

Ceramic sanitary ware industry: 5-axis processing of plaster molds, 5-axis processing of various gypsum products.

Furniture industry: five-axis processing of solid wood furniture, five-axis processing of various furniture tenon and tenon pieces, five-axis processing of staircase elbows, five-axis processing of various furniture.

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