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1325 CO2 laser engraver machine laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine is suitable for Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould,seal,etc
  • iGR-L (B)


  • iGR-L (B)


CO2 Laser Engraving Machine Description:

The 1325 CO2 laser engraver machine is designed to meet the processing needs of large-format cutting and engraving, with a stable and solid machine frame to ensure the stability and accuracy of fast movement; the transmission system adopts linear guide rail guidance and imported precision gears and rack drive to ensure processing accuracy, saving you time, saving labor and management costs, and greatly improving work efficiency.

1325 CO2 laser engraver machine

Laser Cutting Machine 1325 Features:

  • Adopt high efficiency laser tube and more stable beam.

  • With the function of restoring from power off, continuation on break point, or metal laser cutting machine.

  • Can engrave and cut and achieve perfect unification of two functions.

  • The machine has stable performance, simple operation and wide processing materials, is equipped with electric lifting platform, has high speed and precision, and is the best updating choice of all walks of life.

1325 Laser Cutting Machine Parameters:

Working area 1300mm x 2500mm
Laser power W2/W4/W6/W8
Laser type CO2 sealed laser tube, water-cooled
Cooling way Water cooling CW3000/5000/5200
Engraving   speed 0-60000cm/min
Cutting speed 0-30000cm/min
Power supply 220V/50Hz,  110V/60Hz
Laser energy control 1-100% software Settings
Graphic format supported BMP, PLT, DST, DXF, AI
Software supported CorelDraw, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Tajima
Driving system 3-phase stepper motor with decelerator
Air assist Air pump
Dichroic Cutting Yes
Optional part Red light pointer

1325 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Configuration:

Industrial grade laser head

Industrial grade laser head

The engraving speed is fast, the service life is long, and the clear effect is better.

Knife countertop

Knife countertop

High hardness, not easy to deform, suitable for cutting and engraving large materials.


Cellular platform

Cellular platform

High strength not easy to deform, high structural stability, soundabsorption, heat insulation, suitable for processing small crafts

Beijing Reci laser brand w6 laser tube

Beijing Reci laser brand w6 laser tube

Industrial grade laser tube, stable power, faster cutting and long life.

Ruidaacs control system

Ruidaacs control system

Humanized control system, easy to learn, intelligent and convenient.

Taiwan CSK guide and Transmission belt

Taiwan CSK guide and Transmission belt

Applicable Industries For 1325 CO2 Laser Engraver Machine :

Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting, acrylic cutting, LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut, lightbox mold, stamp, mould, seal, etc.


Woodworking: MDF, wooden mould, wood planks, bamboo, density board.


Decoration: acrylic, organic glass, double color board, coconut shell, ox horn, ABS board, lamp shade, crafts, crystal, glass, ceramic, stone, metal coating, etc.


Clothing: leather, cloth, texitle, shoes, fabric, etc


Applicable materials: Non-metal materials such as acrylic, double color board, Plexiglas, Common glass, bamboo and wood, rubber, marble, granite and tiles, leather    cloth etc.


Applicable industries: Advertising industry, Billboards, artistic gifts, crystal ornaments, paper-cut, bamboo  and wooden product, garment and leather, embroidery, decoration and upholster industry.

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