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2021 CNC Acrylic Laser Cutter Purchase Guide

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Acrylic is a durable, clear form of plastic, and as such has different properties than metal, wood or other materials. You can certainly use your CNC router to cut acrylic sheets, but the following tips will help you avoid irregularities or difficulties and help you maintain a smooth cut. 

cnc cut acrylic

We offer a full in house CNC Acrylic Laser Cutter service on all of our acrylic sheets, we have no minimum orders and are able to do one off prototypes and also able to manage mass production CNC Acrylic Laser Cutter.

CNC Acrylic Laser Cutter sheets allows us to put rebates into the sheets, and also cut shapes and designs into all of our acrylic sheets.

Machine Configuration and Setup

A strong machine is a key starting point to a successful project. When searching for a high-quality finish, there are four key components to consider during the buying process:

A strong, rigid base is essential. Purchasing a heavy-duty router allows you to couple a strong base with a stiff, solid gantry. A strong structure supports demanding processes, offering a robust and reliable unit while helping to minimize vibration and

A smooth control and drive system have arguably the most important role in producing a quality outcome.

Helical Rack systems and servo drive motors both help to deliver smooth movement. As a result, vibration is kept to a minimum. The machine itself can cut at a higher speed, producing higher volumes without losing quality.

Finally, a competent vacuum hold-down system is highly recommended. The vacuum hold down ensures material stays in the correct place throughout the cutting process. Even the slightest material movement can put the software program, spindle and material out of sync, invariably ruining the piece completely.

 Main Featured of CNC Acrylic Laser Cutter:

1).  High precision equilibrium linear guide ensures the precise processing effect;

2).  Adopt the super fine cutting technology, which has features of extensive material processing, smooth    cutting  edge and burr - free;

3).  Laminated Safety Glass; 

4).  Original Singapore imported lens with molybdenum base, making the equipment produce smaller facula  and  stronger cutting force;

5).  Exhausting, absorbing and assistant blowing systems solve the problem that troubles the laser  equipments manufacturing industry for years; 

6).  The laser cutter is equipped with aluminum strip shape platform;

7).  This machine uses USB port to transmit data, it is equipped with large internal memory capacity, 

8).  Adopts high quality RECI /EFR CO2 glass laser tube made in China.

Applicable materials:

Metal materail: This machine can cut carbon steel, stainless steel, According to different metal materials and thickness, we will adjust the pluse width, current, frequency, cutting speed.

Non-metal materails :Wood, Bamboo, jade articale, stone(only can engraving), organic glass, crystal(only can engraving), rubber, plastic, cloth, leather, etc.

Applicable Industries: 

mainly used for advertising industry (stainless metal and acrylic),sheet metal industry(carbon steel),packing industry(die board)and so on.




Bed structure

G1 bed, G1 column

principal axis

New 5.5kW water cooled spindle


leadshine 850W servo




NCStudio 95A


Independent computer cabinet


Taiwan HIWIN 25 guide rail

Feed height



Vacuum adsorption absorbable and clamping   table


new moon

Vacuum pump

7.5kW water cooling vacuum pump

Vacuum cleaner

3KW double tube dust collector, three   axis dust-proof

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