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3d CNC Wood Milling Carving Machine

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3D CNC Router For Sale

A 3D CNC router machine is an industry classification of CNC router machines. It is a new type of CNC equipment in recent years, and its working principle is very similar to that of CNC milling machines. It uses engraving programming software to convert the content that needs to be engraved into standard G codes that can be recognized by the engraving machine control software and makes the three axes of the control machine move automatically in a continuous jog mode, so as to achieve the effect of automatic engraving.

Wood engraving machine router processing samples

3D CNC machine tools can be used for three-dimensional 3D processing technology, furniture three-dimensional footposts, human bodies, Buddha statues, Guanyin, sculptures, handicrafts, staircase handrails, musical instruments, etc. The 3D CNC machine tool can perform 3D engraving and cutting of wood, stone, foam, and soft metals to realize three-dimensional 3D processing. The huge 3D processing range enables 3D CNC machine tools to meet the requirements of handicrafts, gifts, and furniture manufacturing.

1325 4 Axis Wood CNC Router 3D Woodworking Machine with Rotary Axis

This is a powerful and affordable 4 axis CNC router machine for wood,which has the Linear ATC system with linear type tool library. This machine adopts 9.0KW air-cooled spindle and the drive system adopts servo motor.So it can process the wood, MDF, chipboard, plywood, crylic, plastic, soft metal and many other different materials very easily.Meanwhile this 4 axis CNC router table for sale machine features the 4th axis rotary device,which can process cylinder materials, such as wood legs, chair legs.And The rotary diameter and length can be optional.So,this machine now is widely used in the sign industry, furniture industry, decoration industry etc. 

Multifunctional Atc Wood Cnc Router Machine

4 axis CNC wood carving machine

The CNC router with rotary device is the one type of 4 axis CNc router.  Besides the side position of rotary device, you could also mount smaller size rotary device on the working table. Except for the cutting, drilling, pocketing, routing, and other func tions that a 3 axis router machine can achieve, it is also good at making cylindrical parts.  For example, wood table and chair legs, wood handrails, wood or plaster building columns, 3D statues of wood, rubber, foam, etc.

3d wood carving machine

4 Axis CNC Wood Milling Machine

This advanced 4 axis CNC wood milling machine includes a 9kw(12 HP) high frequency automatic tool changer spindle with an 8 position tool holder rack and its 4 axis controller support the spindle can rotate 180 degree.So this 4 axis CNC carving machine at a certain Simplifies the CNC product process to a degree.At the same time, this 4 axis CNC carving machine has many advantages, such as the maintenance free and efficient CNC cutting system and high speed precision cut.It can process wood, foam, MDF, HPL, particleboard, plywood, acrylic, plastic, soft metal and many other different materials.The 4 axis CNC wood milling machine will give your shop more production and profits.Now this machine for sale at affordable price。

Split Type Polyfoam 4 Axis CNC Router

CNC Rotary 4 Axis CNC Router Milling Engraving Machine

3d wood engraving machine

4 axis CNC router is to increase the fourth axis C axis on the basis of the ordinary plane three axis CNC router machine.  The existence of the C-axis can be a main shaft that swings from side to side and rotates 180°, or it can add an additional rotating shaft that can rotate 360°.

3d wood router

The main shaft can swing 180°C axis left and right.  This 4 axis CNC machine can not only realize plane processing, but also realize double-sided processing.  And mainly do some surface treatment of 3D workpieces.

4 axis wood cnc machine

Another type of 4 axis CNC router is also called rotary axis CNC router machine.  Compared with the 3-axis CNC router machine, this type of 4-axis CNC machine adds a rotating device to the 3-axis CNC router.  The rotary device mainly realizes the processing of cylindrical workpieces.  It should be noted that whether it is the X-axis or Y-axis direction of the machine, the rotating device can be placed in any position you want.  In addition, the rotating device can not only be placed on the machine, but also independent of the machine.  And easier to operate, maintain and transport.  Therefore, the CNC 4 axis router can realize the machining and planing engraving of cylindrical workpieces.

wood cnc router for 4 axis

3D CNC Wood Router processing, according to 360 degrees calculation, each step 0.000* degrees. At the same time, the high-speed swing spindle of the 3D CNC engraving machine processes the parts fixed on the workbench through the processing material configuration of the tool. It will be carved with the computer design of most kinds of 2D or3D relief graphics and text, to achieve automatic carving operation. 3D CNC Router machine needs 3D special system and software, which is more compatible with machine tool main body configuration, to achieve higher precision 3D engraving. Of course, at some time, 2D&3D integrated software will meet users’ needs more.

4 axis CNC machine applicable industries and materials:

◆Woodworking furniture industry: carving techniques such as embossing and engraving of furniture, and carving of 3D three-dimensional patterns such as furniture legs.
◆Decoration industry: 3D three-dimensional portrait or object carving, large foam 3D decoration pattern.
◆Crafts industry: 3D three-dimensional handle carving, three-dimensional pattern carving.
◆Mold industry: woodworking molds, metal molds, shoe molds, aluminum molds, chocolate molds, cake molds, lost foam, plastic molds, and mold making.


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