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Best solution for CNC engraving machine

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CNC engraving machine type

If you want to engraving, engrave patterns, engraving letters, etc., maybe you will find a hand-held sculpture or a store with CNC engraving machine, but what kind of CNC can better meet your demand?

If you are a manufacturer and want to extend your business to engraving or cutting, what type of CNC engraving machine you should purchase for the first time?

The best solution to find CNC engraving is an important issue.

In fact, I really have the best, suitable for your solution, and choose solutions based on your processing materials and engraving requirements.

In general, the best solution for the CNC engraving machine is:

Wood or metal engraving: it requires router milling or CO2 laser engraving; metal tag: it requires fiber laser engraving;


Material CNC engraving machine involved:

Router milling: Various materials are not very hard, such as wood, solid wood, hardwood, MDF, acrylic, glass, stone, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.

Advantages: Disadvantages: Good engraving applies to wide range of materials, speed is slower than laser engraving;


CO2 laser engraving: Metal and non-metallic materials can be engraved, such as wood, glass, stone, leather, copper, aluminum, etc.

Advantages: high speed, accurate, but mainly for non-metallic, mainly used for surface engraving;


Fiber laser engraving / markers: mainly used for metals such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, etc.

Advantages: high speed, accurate, but mainly used for metal, mainly for surface engraving;


Engraving method: laser or milling

For laser engraving, non-contact engraving, the laser beam is used as a knife, which mainly includes a CO2 laser, which is better to be used with good metallic wood and fiber lasers.


CNC wood router sample:

 timg 板材平面雕刻 免漆门雕刻

Sample by CO2 laser engraving machine:

 QQ截图20200824144337        QQ截图20200824144404         HTB1jkJEXX67gK0jSZPfq6yhhFXaM.jpg_.webp

Best CNC engraving machine recommended:


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CNC laser wood cutting engraving machine

The best price for small businesses CNC laser wood cutter. It is a industrial grade laser for wood cutting and engraving. We also refer to other laser engrappers for wood, laser cutting machine for wood.



CNC 3D wood engraving machine

CNC 3D wood engraving machine for sale, optimal selection of automatic wood 3D engraving, cutting, engraving; portable rotating device on the table, meet the needs of column / pillar engraving, without space; automatic tool replacement system management toolbits, all content It is done automatically.

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