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How much do you know about four-process CNC router machine

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The four process CNC router machine, also called four head CNC engraving machine, multi process CNC cutting machine ,adopts steel moving gantry, which can carry large carrier, and it is more convenient to operate, it is a relatively reliable device, which is very stability, but this device is not perfect, in the process of use, there will be some small problems. Do you know what is the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the multi process CNC router machine?

First, the advantages of the four process CNC router machine:

1. Powerful, multi-function: four process CNC router machine can process cabinets and door panels, the turbine has four spindles, support four-knife pneumatic switching, and can also realize the punching function of the cabinet, and the simple door panel can also be processed.

2. The price is relatively low: Even if the high four process CNC router machine are also lower than the auto tool change CNC machining center, it is very suitable for some new small and medium-sized board furniture factories, if your budget is low, fund pressure Larger, the multi process CNC router machine is a good choice for you.

3. Simple operation: Compared with the CNC machining center with automatic tool, the four process CNC router machine is simple, it is easy to operate, low failure rate, no delay in processing production.

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Second, disadvantages of four process CNC router machine:

1. Low efficiency: Although the four process CNC router machine can complete the two steps of the door panel and cabinet, the CNC machine is far lower than the automatic tooling center with rolling drill, four process CNC router machine is equipped with four different tools suitable for a simple door panel or cabinet. The CNC machining center that is really used for door panels requires different tools and drilling head, functional and efficiency, and the machining center that is automatically treated.

2. Configure the difference: Multi-process CNC router machine manufacturers, there are five or six thousand prices on the market, and there are more than ten thousand high-end configuration four-process number. The price is very different, which is determined by the configuration and production process of the four process CNC router machine. A good four process CNC router machine, if the fittings are all well-known brands, the production process uses high-end machine technical processing, and the cost is also not low.


Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the four process CNC router machine, the above content has been detailed in detail, I believe that everyone has a new understanding, if you want to learn more about the information about the opening machine if you have any questions, you can contact us, we have a professional technical team, you can provide you with professional guidance.

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