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How much do you know about the installation skills of CNC machines?

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When we buy cnc machines, what we pay most attention to is the quality, model, processing function and configuration of the CNC engraving machine. However, how much do you know about the installation of CNC routers, the operation and maintenance skills of CNC machines? When we buy a suitable machine and receive it, the first thing we have to face is how to install the machine. Whether the machine is installed correctly, can directly affect the processing effect of the machine and the length of the service life of the machine. 

Therefore, the installation process of the machine is also very important. Some customers think that the installation of wood carving machine is a combination of various parts of the machine, which is very simple. But it is not, the assembly of various parts needs to strictly follow the instructions, and we need to learn some professional skills. It is not a simple combination. Next, iGOLDENCNC will tell you the installation process and installation skills of some CNC machines.

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1. Place the machine.

First, we need to choose a suitable place for the CNC engraving machine. The choice of this location needs to consider the surrounding environment, the size of the engraving machine, and the convenience of connecting the engraving machine to the computer. The machine should be placed close to the grounding wire, and the machine should be placed in a clean, flat, ventilated and dry place as far as possible. It should be noted that after the machine is installed and debugged, please try not to move the position of the machine, otherwise we need to adjust the machine again.

2. Check the packing box.

After choosing a suitable place, the next step we need to do is to open the packaging box of the machine. Check whether the machine parts are damaged, whether the appearance of the machine is scratched, whether the accessories are complete, etc., perform a preliminary inspection.

3. Install the machine.

The specific installation steps are what we will focus on this time.

3.1 After placing the engraving machine on a flat ground, we need to adjust the four corners of the engraving machine to level them. (It is recommended to use the level tool to adjust the angle to the horizontal position)

3.2 Fill the water tank with water as soon as possible. If you buy a water-cooled spindle and the motor is cooled by water, we need to fix the water tank on the chassis. After fixing it firmly, add water from the water inlet, pay attention to the height of the water level, and maintain a proper amount of water.

3.3 Connect the power supply. There are a total of four power cords on the back of the left chassis of the engraving machine, which are connected to the three-phase power supply, and the neutral wire is connected to a black wire; then take out the control handle from the accessory box, connect it to the chassis through a cable, and press the main switch, Turn on the handle display screen to see if it prompts to return to the origin. After the prompt appears, press the OK key to return to the origin, let the machine start to move, move the Z axis, rise to the top, and let the X axis return to the leftmost side and the Y axis back The front of the machine.

After this part of the operation, we need to check whether the pump is working properly. What we need to do is to pull out the water pipe to see if there is water flowing out. (Hint: After the pump works for a long time, no water will flow out of the water pipe).

3.4 Installation of dust cover. We should install the dust cover from the bottom of the spindle motor, and the brush on the dustproof device should be lower than the position of the tool on the spindle tool. Of course, this position can be adjusted, as long as it does not affect the normal operation of the spindle while ensuring a good vacuum.

The above introduction is some more important machine installation tips. The installation of the whole machine also requires some other professional knowledge. If you have any questions, you can contact us, let us pay attention, and we will reply you as soon as possible to help you.

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