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Make Cabinet Doors with CNC Machine

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Cabinet door manufacturing has always been a hot topic for carpenters and woodworking factories. Because cabinets have always been a basic part of interior design. Whether it is used in kitchen cabinets or bedroom cabinets, aesthetics and practicality have always been the goals that people pursue. The beauty of cabinet doors is mainly reflected in the design of cabinet doors, because there are many production styles of cabinet doors. If you are a closet door manufacturer facing more and more orders, have you considered using cabinet CNC machine to manufacture closet doors? If so, do you know which cabinet CNC machine should be used to make the closet door?

Steps to make cabinet doors

If you only want to replace the damaged cabinet doors in your home, you can choose to use simple hand tools to make cabinet doors. These tools can include table saws, hand-held wood polishers, electric drills, etc. For mass production factories, CNC machine are the best choice. The cabinet CNC machine has a high degree of automation, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the cabinet door. The finished door has high precision and good repeatability, ensuring product consistency.

For the closet door manufacturing plant, I provide production solutions to solve the closet door manufacturing problem. The solution is mainly composed of CNC machine, such as ATC CNC router, edge banding machine, vacuum presses machine, precision saws, hinge drills and cutters.

The flexible combination of these machine can implement multiple processes and create automated production lines that meet customer requirements. This production line is ideal for manufacturing cabinets and cabinet doors.

Step 1 select materials and design

The solid wood closet door is the most used door in our life. If you want to produce closet doors made of metal, glass and other materials, you can use the same method. The commonly used base material for wooden cabinet doors is MDF or particleboard. Cabinet door manufacturers usually use higher-density woods, such as poplar, pine, birch, hard maple, etc., for their paint-grade cabinet doors.

Step 2 cuting and engraving

After completing the cabinet door layout in the CNC router software, you can turn on thecabinet CNC machine and start cutting and engraving the wood according to the set path. We recommend that you choose an ATC CNC router for the CNC machine tool used in this cabinet door manufacturing step. The automatic tool change machining center can cut and carve cabinets, cabinet doors and interior doors. It has a separate linear tool magazine that can automatically change tools during the cabinet door manufacturing process without stopping work in progress.

Watch the video below to learn how to use the ATC CNC router to make cabinet doors for cutting.

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Step 3 edge banding

After cutting the panel, the cut surface and edges will become rough or sharp, which can easily cover dirt and is also unattractive. In addition, due to the production process of the panel, formaldehyde is released. In the cabinet door manufacturing process, the edge sealing process can not only hide the rough and ugly panels inside. It can also inhibit the release of formaldehyde. Therefore, this decoration can make the house more ecological and healthy.

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