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1325 Automated Woodworking Engraving Machine CNC Router

Automatic tool changer (ATC) CNC Router machine is suitable for the processing of various complex products or a variety of processing. It can be equipped with 6, 8, 10, 12 tools according to the different production process requirements of customers.

Linear ATC CNC Router with Auto Tool Changer Description:

There are two tool change modes for inline tool change and disc tool change. Widely used, including engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, grooving, etc.

ATC woodworking CNC router with automatic tool change function

Industrial CNC Router With Auto Tool Changer Features:

  • With 8 or 12 sets of tools to change automatically, which can saving time of tools changing and improving working efficiency.

  • Vacuum table using high-density material with great suction strength, comfortably accommadating all sizes of work piece.

  • NC studio control system is simple, convenient and easy to learn, users can quickly get the fleciblity to master the use of equipment, strong independence.

  • The frame adopts the gantry column structure, the machine parts are produced and assembled with extremely high precision to ensure the high performance and stability of the machine, excellent quality and tolerance.

iGW-ATC Size

1325 High Efficiency Linear ATC CNC Router For Wood Parameter:

Description Parameters
Working area 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle ATC 9KW air cooling spindle
Inverter Fuling
Motor Dorna servo motor and driver 1500W and shimpo Reducer
Driver Dorna servo motor and driver 1500W
Control System LNC 
Table Vacuum and T slot table with 5.5kw cooling pump
Oil lubrication Automatic lubrication
Limit Omron limit
Transmission XY axis helical rack Z axis Taiwan ball screw 
Rail X,Y,Z axis Taiwan HIWIN Square guide rail
Screw Z axis TBI 3210 ball screw
Bed Thick steel welded big square tube 
Gangry Strong frame
Pillars Steel pillar
Cabinet Independent cabinet
Voltage 3 phase/380V
Dust collector Double bags 3.0kw 
Tool library Automatic up and down
*Some specifications can be customized upon request, please contact us

HQD 9KW air-cooled tool change spindle

HQD 9KW air-cooled tool change spindle

Vacuum and T slot table with 5.5kw cooling pump

Vacuum and T slot table with 5.5kw cooling pump

Automatic tool change with liftable tool magazine

Automatic tool change with liftable tool magazine

X,Y,Z axis Taiwan HIWIN Square guide rail

X,Y,Z axis Taiwan HIWIN Square guide rail

LNC Control System

LNC Control System | Fuling Inverter

Taiwan ball screw

Taiwan ball screw  | Control handwheel

ATC CNC Router Machine With Automatic Tool Changer Advantages:

• Linear type auto tool changer design, good stability performance on tool changing process. There are 8 tool positions; as options, the tool magazine can be built with 10 or 12 positions. Do you like disk type better? If yes, please check on the disk automatic tool changer cnc router.

• Genuine Italy HSD ATC Spindle is adopted, Model. ES929A, 9.0kw, air cooling, 24000RPM. Fit for ISO or HSK tool holders. As an option, you can have a Chinese ATC spindle for cost-saving.

• The combination of the SYNTEC CNC system and Yaskawa pure servo is the real closed-loop control with characters of fast feeding, quiet moving, smooth running, good acceleration and deacceleration, high positioning accuracy. For more details of the servo, please read here.

• The user-friendly fixture design helps a lot in the process of installing the cutters into the tool holder. It's a very nice device for an automatic head changer cnc router. You only need to lock the ISO or HSK tool holder into the fixture and then use a fork wrench to loosen the holder like the picture below shows. Save your time and energy.

• The lubrication system uses an automatic lubrication pump that can be set to achieve the purpose of timely lubrication.

• The safe and smooth operation of the machine is fully taken into the consideration of the design of the circuit part, we have set up multiple guarantees for the circuit, such as parking resistance, overload protection, and fuses.

• A fixed tool sensor is equipped to simplify the Z-axis tool calibration process. It is an essential option for automatic tool changer cnc wood router machines.

Special T-slot vac-sorb table design increases the clamping capacity by 30% at least.

ATC CNC Woodworking Router Usage Scenarios

Applications Of Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) CNC Router Machine :

Woodworking industry:
Solid wave board process,door of cabinet,wooden door,artistic wooden door ,no-paint door,avoid wind,process of the artistic window,shoes cleaning machine,the cabinet of the playing machine and the board, mahjong table,computer table .c.ny furniture carving, solid wood art fresco carving and other industries.

Advertising industry:
Advertising board,Label design,Acrylic cutting,model, of the multi material decoration products.

Model industry:
It can engrave on the metal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and non-mental material.s such as man-made marble,sand, plastic board PVC materials, wood board etc.

Art industry:

Character carving, character carving and cutting, famous brand making, small gift cutting, souvenir making, carving various decorative letters, small windows, fences, figures on walls, etc.

Other industries: 

CNC wood engraving machine can engrave all kinds of large reliefs and shadows, which are widely used in craft gift industry.

iGOLDENCNC Factory View

iGOLDENCNC Factory View

Customer Visiting

Customer Visiting


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> Free sample testing
> Professional CNC solutions
> Customer reception
> Fast delivery within 7 days(Available in stock)
> Customized machines delivered within 30 days
> 2-year warranty
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1.What is the difference between the ATC CNC router machine and ordinary machine?

All machine parts adopt high configurations, higher working efficiency. It’s change the tools by automatic, no need change by hand, save time and manpower.

2.What’s about your machine functions?

Our this type ATC machine support many tools, each tool have different functions, can engrave, cut, polish, make different shapes and patterns on sheet.

3.How about your company’s control system?

There is a professional QUALITY CONTROL DEPARTMENT in our factory. So there is a serious control for each process, at the same time we have complied with the standards for welding processing, machining processing, assembly processing, manufacturing processing and packaging processing, etc.

4.Sometimes we also work on soft metals, can your machine do it?

Yes, we can add the oil misting system for you, it can used to cool the cutting bits and materials.

5.How to use the cnc machine?

We will send the manual with machine together to you, we also will take full operate video to you to help you use machine well.

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