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The future of engraving machines

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In a few years ago, mechanization production of traditional furniture manufacturers still in the "veiled" predicament, has been lifted in front of carved mahogany furniture craft do not start, but with the progress of science and technology, machine carving (carving machine) shipments, shipping quality and style have a to improve gradually, has won the recognition of consumers, and gradually become the mainstream of the market. The industry believes that the future traditional furniture market will be machine carving (engraving machine), supplemented by handicrafts, mahogany furniture will become mass consumer goods, and handicraft carving mahogany furniture will become high-end collection.

Although carving skills are very neat, there are slight differences in each decoration. The biggest difference is that the plane part is oblique to the part excavated and lacks the sense of rounded. As the machine carving products depict the original with computer drawing software, and then output by the active engraving machine, the details are neat and normalized. No matter whether the flower plate or cloud bead is everywhere, each place is large and thin together, so it doesn't look any different.

In recent years, with the popularity of machine carving, the traditional handicraft workshop of rosewood furniture has been cut down, and the traditional carving technology once sawing has been gradually replaced by computer technology and modern things. The machine carving can not only save the manpower cost, but also increase the output power.

In addition according to the survey, in recent years the rosewood heat away from 80%, scarce raw materials, now a lot of customers looking for material and style mahogany furniture, just pay attention to it, thanks to the work of machine carved the development of computer technology, style complex, so in the works of innovation than craft works more popular. Now the mahogany furniture, the simple pattern is handed over to the computer to finish, but the details need to be artificially carved and polished.

It's precisely because of the carving skills that every family is fighting for the best carving technician. It can be seen that the future of handicraft carving will not only disappear, but also more and more people pay attention to it. So the future shopping mall should be mainly the machine carving, the handicraft is the auxiliary situation.

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