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Analysis Of The Lowest Price 3 Heads CNC Router Machine In China

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3 heads CNC router machine is manufactured using global state-of-the-art techniques with advanced engineering, workmanship and built to last with all steel construction and superior components such as precision linear bearings and rails. Key features are a 9KW(12HP) high frequency automatic tool changer spindle with 8-position tool rack, pneumatically retractable vacuum hood and multi-zone vacuum t-slot table. The system includes Servo motors and controls with a Taiwan industrial LNC controller.

The main advantage of the 3 heads CNC router machine is the tool rack moving together with the machine gantry, which will save the tool change time.The 3 heads CNC router machine can  cut about 50 pcs of wood board per 8 hour.It can process wood, MDF, chipboard, plywood. It is widely used in the cabinet making industry. And it also can process acrylic, plastic, soft metal and many other different materials.

The 3 heads CNC router machine is suitable for a variety of complex product processing or diverse processing, with pneumatic tool changer, with a wide range of functions: engraving, milling, chamfering, side milling, drilling, cutting, slotting, etc. We will free Provide you machine features, application, technical parameters, machine price and other consulting services.

3 heads CNC router machine


1. Advanced control system: Taiwan SYNTEC or NC STUDIO

2. Compatible with software such as:TYPE3/ARTCAM/UG/PRO- E/UCANCAM/AUTOCAD/MASTERCAM

3. Functions of power-off recovery, continuation on break point, time anticipation.

4. Excellent components: HIWIN guild rail and ball screws, low noise spindle

5. Welding steel structure and 10mm gantry

6. Powerful vacuum table divided to 6 zones, can adsorb different size materials.

7. 3 spindles work in turn as request,  save change tool time.

8. Two motors for Y axis, running steadily


1. Woodworking&furniture decoration field: wood and compound door, cupboard door,large plate planar engraving, wood carving patterns, panel furniture, red wood furniture engraving.

2. Art work field: watch&clock frame, artwork photo frame, thin aluminum plate artwork carving pattern.

3. Other wood products field: speakers, game consoles cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine table, musical instruments,balustrade,furniture legs,stair railing ,cylinder items,handrail,desk or chair legs,3D cylinder mold,and a variety of rotational symmetry; Insulation, plastic chemical components, PCB, car body, ABS, PP, PE, etc

3 heads CNC router machine is very easy to use. Users only need to save the position of the cutters in the tool path, then the system could realize the cutter auto changing according to the cutter code. And the user does not need to worry tool changing failed or spindle changing speed etc, also will not feel pity using the 8.5kw spindle to drill 6mm holes.

The advantage of using 3 heads CNC router machine is its high speed of spindle changing or we call it cutter changing, only takes 2 seconds, you can turn on spindle in advance for warming up; could using different spindle, from 800w to 6.5kw, do not have to use 8.5kw ATC spindle to drill holes; easier maintenance, replace spindle easily; no exist of tool changing problem, will not have to stop working because of failed tool changing problem, good for mass production line.


Working area



4.5KW air cooling*2+6KW air cooling*1


Fuling inverter


Stepper motor



Control system

NC Stusio/DSP

Working area

Vacuum absorbed table/Aluminum profile+PVC

Guide rails

#25 Taiwan HIWIN


XY helical rack,Z TBI ball screw


Z TBI ball screw with air cylinder


Welded structure G1


Steel beam


Side hanging steel columns

Control system

Independent control box





Vacuum pump


Dust collector


Automatic tool setting

Tool sensor



Fully digital Leadshine servo drive products developed by leadshine Private Control DSP chip and vector control technology provide users with a solution whose price is between stepping and Japanese servos and whose performance is close to that of Japanese servos. This 3 head Pneumatic Engraving CNC Router adopt the leadshine servo motor 1000w with MOTOREDUCER1/5 reducer, perfect show very nice working performance.


1. Input power should be strictly in accordance with the machine ,110v/220v single phase/ 380v+-10% 3 phase.

2. Please read the operation manual before installing and use the machine.

3. Maintainness is recommended at regular intervals ,following the Maintainess instructions.

Leading technology:

Mach3 board can satisfy the requirement that CNC software can connect, control NC equipment and I/O function between them through parallel port of computer.

Most of them are made of SMD components, and the large area of ground copper-clad printed board design ensures the electrical stability of the product.

The independent power supply interface circuit isolates

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