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Three-process Woodworking Cnc Router Engraving Machine

Three-process woodworking cnc router engraving machine Suitable for Cabinets, wardrobes, full house custom, plate furniture, office furniture, hospital furniture, bank furniture, children's furniture decoration with hollow flowers, soft bag background wall production.


Three-process woodworking cnc router engraving machine

Working area1300*2500*200mm
SpindleHQD 4.5KW air cooling*2+6KW air cooling*2
InverterFuling inverter
MotorStepper motor
Control systemNC Stusio/DSP
Working areaVacuum absorbed table/Aluminum profile+PVC
Guide rails#25 Taiwan HIWIN
TransmissionXY helical rack,Z TBI ball screw
RackZ TBI ball screw with air cylinder
bodyWelded structure G1
BeamSteel beam
ColumnsSide hanging steel columns
Control systemIndependent control box
Vacuum pumpOptional
Dust collectorOptional
Automatic tool settingTool sensor
Woodworking tool kits
Tool cabinet:with

Three-process woodworking cnc router engraving machine Characteristics:

1.weihong control:simple and easy to learn,users can quickly master the methodsof operation,strong independence.

2.intelligence processing corss-border protection functions: to prevent the mechanical collision due to the design breadth beyond the working area

3.Unique pneumatic press apparatus solenoid vale control vacuum table, feeding accurate,high-speed,high efficiency.

4.intelligent processing speed control: you can control the processing speed,truly improve processing efficiency,prolong life and  improve yield.

5.advanced file preprocessing functions to help users promptly correct processing errors in rhe file,and can be a good compatible domestic and foreign variety of software(such as mastercam,Typ3,UG,Artcam,Caxa,etc)to grnerate the processing code.

6.Advanced three curves prediction algorithm,smooth line to ensure the speed and accuracy of the curve.

7.CNC system based on windows embedded platforms,wireless upgrade control,hardware synchronization jamming design to ensure reliable operation of the system time.

8.with a breakpoint,continued carving function. homing with automatic error correction,effectively ensure the long studio precision.

9.whole machine with seamless welded steel structure,strong perfomace and no deformation.

Three-process woodworking cnc router engraving machine Scope of application:

1.woodworking: three-dimensional wave board processing,cabinet doors,solid wood doors,wooden craft,paint doors,screens,process window processing, shoe polisher,video game cabinets and panels,mahiong table,computer desk and furniture products auxiliary processing.

2.Advertising industry: advertising signs,logo making,acrylic cutting,plastic molding,a bariety of materials advertising the producetion of decorative products.

3.Mold industry:carving copper,aluminum,and other metal molds,as well as artificial marble,sand,plastic sheeting,PVC pipe,wood and other non-metallic mold.

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