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The Advantages And Applications Of CNC Foam Cutting Machine

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CNC foam cutting machine is an important pillar of the development of the plastics industry. It provides advanced technology and equipment for the plastics industry.

CNC foam cutting machine (also known as foam CNC router, EPS CNC router, etc.) is a cutting machine to process soft foam including EPS foam, EVA foam, PU foam, EPE foam, EPP foam and other foam materials. It also processes wood and other non-metallic materials or soft metals. CNC foam cutter has wide applications in foam molding, packaging and decoration industries.

CNC Foam Cutting Machine


1.Two/three-dimensional CNC foam cutting machine connected by specialized fastenings creates stable performance and precise cutting.

2. Equipped with stepping motor, suits to cut the specially designed figures with requirement of adjustable speeds. The cutting precision can be 0.5mm.

3. Equipped with a piece of 3KW transformer, adjustable power output ranges from 0 to 7V under electrical control. 

4. Ability to synchronously cut 20 pieces of identical figures or letters due to 20 heating cords mounted on the cutting frame.

5. Specialized touch screen controller, easy to set parameters; 3B codes of the cutting figures/letters can be input to the controller from the U memory disk, the simple codes of figures can be entered on the touch screen. 

6. The cnc foam cutting machine process can be showed on the display screen; cutting speed is adjustable (max. 4000mm/min).

7. With function of cutting stroke protection: when exceeds the regulated cutting stroke, the machine can stop running automatically

8. With functions of parameters memory while fail of electricity; reverse cutting and rotating, mirror symmetry; clearance compensation, etc. 

 Product Samples                                        

 It can process many materials,like foam,woods, MDF, Composite boards, Alucobond,

PVC, Rigid plastics, Acrylic Sheets, Glass, Organic glass, Aluminum plates.,etc.

Having computer typesetting automation, material saving, high cutting precision, high production efficiency, is a change in cropping history. Cutting height to 80mm, the nose lengthened and strengthened intensity two.

CNC foam cutting machine Advantages:

1.Whole steel structure,durable model. dual motor drive, high speed.

2.Professional design software,easy to drawing.

3.DSP or NC studio controller for option.

4.Imported wires(0.3mm diameter) to guarantee the better running.

CNC Foam Cutter Applications

CNC Foam Cutter Applications CNC foam cutter is suitable to carve EPS foam molds, wood molds and other non-metal molds, especially for car molds, ship molds, aviation molds or train molds. The machine also specializes in processing good foam products in other industries, such as sculpture, decoration, packaging and furniture industries. CNC foam cutter has good rigidity and its frame structure is made through strict heat treatment processes. If you are looking for a reliable foam cutting machine, CNC foam cutter is an ideal choice. You can read below contents and get to know how CNC foam cutter shows its versatility in different industries.

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