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Automatic PVC MDF Edge Banding Machine With Pre Milling Double Glue Pot

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Automatic PVC Edge Banding Machine

The edge banding machine, is used to band the straight and curved panel edges for custom furniture production. A woodworking edge banding machine falls into the manual edge banding machine and the auto edge banding machine, specially designed for shops and companies looking for efficient and precise edge banding service and solutions.

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1.This machine not just can do the normal edge banding for cabinets, also can do the edge banding for doors manufactory,  equip two groove cutting units. easily for the operator to switch to different products when they need.

2. If you have the wood door products and the kitchen cabinet products, that would be the right edge banding machine for you.

3.  All the working areas and specifications can be customized according to your requests.

4. Edge banding / Groove cutting/ Door edge banding, three functions in one machine,

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Wood Edge Banding Machines Details:

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TAIDA PLC control system

The independent LCD screen has a touch screen speed control function, and you can see the operation process of the machine more clearly, real-time monitoring, real-time adjustment, and more precise.

edge banding machine for sale


When the edge-sealing surface of the plate is not flat, it can be milled first and then glued and pressed.

pvc edge banding machine


Non-sticky pot, uniform sol, cylinder control pressure roller, better tape effect.

automatic edge banding machine

End cltting

Through the structure of automatic profiling and high-frequency high-speed motor, the redundant edge bands before and after are cut off to ensure a smooth and smooth section.

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Rough trim:The rough trimming knife is a flat knife, which is used to trim the excess edge banding material on the upper and lower parts of the processed sheet edge band, so that the upper and lower parts of the trimmed sheet are smooth and smooth.

Fine trim:The finishing knife is an oblique repair, used to repair the excess edge banding material after rough repair on the upper and lower parts of the processed sheet edge band, and at the same time, make the natural transition between the sheet material and the edge band in an arc shape.

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Corner trim

The contour is trimmed, and the chamfering effect is repaired, and the edge banding effect is more round and smooth.

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Scraping: It is used to eliminate the ripple marks (cut marks left by the trimming knife and the finishing fillet) caused by the non-linear motion cutting process of the trimming.

Buffing: Use a cotton polishing wheel to clean the polished plate to remove excess glue and make it smoother.

plywood edge banding machine

  1. Pneumatic knife adjustment

  2. Horizontal slotting device

  3. Vertical slotting device

Can be customized according to customer needs, please consult customer service for details.

Door Edge Banding Machine,Kitchen Cabinet Double Mdf Edge Banding Machine

This is a special edge banding machine for the wood door edge banding, in nowadays more and more door is not completely made by solid wood, only the veneer on the surface, so all of those doors need the edge banding to make sure the whole piece looks like a completely solid wood door.Thick-wall welded steel heavy-duty gantry and bed, the equipment runs at high speed, low vibration, low noise, stable operation,high-speed cutting is not easy to chip, continuous cutting;Docking the automatic labeling machine, intelligent automation first labeling and then opening the material, reducing manual intervention and preventing errors and sheet waste caused by manual labeling.

Wood Edge Banding Machines Application:

The wood edge banding machine is mainly used for edge banding of medium-density fiberboard, wood board, solid wood board, particleboard, high-gloss board, plywood, etc.

 That's the reason why the edge bander is also called the plywood edge banding machine, melamine edge banding machine, MDF edge banding machine, etc. In terms of wood materials, it can complete birch edge banding, maple edge banding, walnut edge banding, and other wood veneer edge banding work. 

The fully automatic edge banding machine has extensive use in middle and large-sized furniture making factories. It has such advantages as stable operation, high automation level, reliable performance, and affordable price. Furthermore, the automatic edge bander machine is an indispensable CNC machine in many furniture production lines. 

The manual edge banding machine is good at banding both straight and irregular edges. It is the best edge banding machine for small shops. Besides, it is possible to move the manual edge bander machine from one workplace to another for on-site banding operation.

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edge banding trimmer machine

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Woodworking PVC MDF Automatic Wood Edge Bander Machine

Functions of the automatic edge banding machine include pre-milling, gluing, banding, end cutting, rough and fine trimming, corner rounding, scraping, polishing, etc. The manual edge bander and semi automatic edge banding machine can also realize straight and curve cabinet edge banding. 

The edge banding tape can have various materials, such as PVC, ABS, melamine, and wood veneer. It can band 0.4 to 3mm PVC edge banding tape to plywood, MDF, birch, walnut, maple, and other wooden panels in panel furniture and whole house custom furniture production. 

We offer a complete range of fully auto edge banding equipment for massive production and cheap edge banding machine for small shops. Contact us to obtain the latest quote for the banding machine price.

The edge banding machine is a kind of woodworking machine dedicated for cabinet edge banding. It plays the role of edgebanding in the processing process of the furniture production line. Compared with the traditional manual banding process, the sealing line of the edge bander has the advantages of being straight, delicate, and smooth.

 As we all know, cabinet edge banding plays an important role in furniture production. Good edge banding makes the cabinets more beautiful and smoother. Besides, it can effectively control the release of formaldehyde in the panel, making our home more environmentally friendly. Therefore, the edge bander is an indispensable furniture making machine for the whole panel furniture production line.

 A banding machine for cabinet edges mainly includes the main structure, multiple processing units, and the control system. The processing units include the pre-milling unit, banding tape conveying unit, banding unit, cutting unit, trimming unit, rounding unit, scraping unit, and polishing unit. Each of these units corresponds to one separate function.

 Relying on the advantages of high automation, stable operation, reliability, durability, and moderate price, edge banding machines are especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets, and other panel furniture manufacturers.

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